Thursday, October 02, 2008

Two Years Old!!

Dear Zander-boo,
Today you are two years old! I cannot believe that two years have already flown by. At two years old you are quite the little man. In fact I am having a hard time with how "big" you actually are because I am still clinging to my baby. Right now I love how much you love your sister. I am not naive enough to think that it will last long, but I can enjoy it while it lasts. The first thing you ask in the morning is 'ere's Sissy? Then when we get downstairs and you see her, you break into a hugs smile ans say "SISSY!!" You love following her around all day and trying to do what she does.
You also love to read books. In fact I think that the most that you sit still is while you are on my lap reading books. Besides reading you also like to draw and color. Unfortunately you have discovered that markers, pens and even crayons will work on other surfaces besides the paper.
Another one of your favorite things are trucks. You love your trucks (which can actually be cars, tractors, motorcycles, basically anything with wheels). You push them around and love to line them up in straight rows. I love listening to you make the vroom noise. I don't even know how to describe it. It is kind of like a youm sound.
You are a smart little cookie for only being two years old. Your vocabulary astounds me, as does your ability to say sentences. You have also recently started asking the dreaded why. You have such a cute little voice though, that I don't mind. I really need to get you talking on the video camera because I know that the sound of your voice is one of those things that will be forgotten over time.
I am sorry to say that you inherited my gracefulness. Your Grandpa Allison used to call me Grace and when I would fall he would say "There's Grace in action!" I did not understand it at the time, but now when I see you constantly tripping or falling I understand. It is a rare week around here when you do not have some sort of bump or bruise.
I have enjoyed watching your personality bloom over this past year. You have turned into quite the little character. I really cannot wait to see you continue to grow and learn.


We had a special day for you today as your party is on Saturday. When you woke up I asked you what you wanted for breakfast and you gladly yelled "EGGS!!!" You even got to help Mommy make them.
You are such a little ham these days, you will do things just to make us laugh. Which is why in almost all of these pictures you are doing your "pirate face."
Since Mommy was taking you shopping to get the rest of the stuff for your party I decided to spike your hair for the day. You actually like it when I spike your hair because you like to look at yourself in the mirror and laugh at your hair.

Grandma Cath, Anna and Abbie went shopping with us. Then when we got home we had special cupcakes just for you.
Since it is only your second birthday, I figured you would need a little help with the whole blowing out the candle thing. However, I was very wrong! You blew out the candle before I was ready, so I re-lit it in order to get a picture of you blowing it out.

Your cousins and sissy were glad to be here for your little party. Even if they all only ate the frosting off the cupcake!!
I took your shirt off because I thought you would make a big mess with your cupcake. However I was pleasantly surprised that you barely made a mess at all.
I love you little boodle!

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Destini said...

What a nice post! Happy birthday Zander! I don't even know why we buy cakes for the kids, a big tub of icing would totally do the trick! Love the "pirate face"!