Friday, May 19, 2006

They Call Me Mr. Pig!

How can one little girl have so many nicknames? Let us see how many she has had:
Birdie, Peanut, Hannah Tay, Hannah Tater, Tater-tots, Sakey-baby, Badoobah, Doo, Tay-butts (by her grandma), Hansah and of course the classics like sweetie etc.
It is intersting to see how the names have changed over the months and I can not wait to see what they will become in the future!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

We're Baa-aack

We arrived home from Ohio on Monday afternoon, after spending almost two weeks there. It seems while we were there Hannah picked up a few new words. The most prominent one is Abbie, her little cousin's name. Then entire time we were there, every time we would leave the house, she would say: "See Anna Abbie?" (Anna is her older cousin, also Abbie's sister.) No Hannah, we are not going to go see Anna and Abbie today. Five minutes later "See Anna Abbie?" I'm sure you can see where this is going. I thought when we got home it would kind of die down, not so. Yesterday as we were packing her up in the car, her first words were "See Anna Abbie?" No honey, not unless you want to spend 13 hours in the car-seat again.
On Monday Hannah had an endocrinologist appointment, where we received good news. The doctor said Hannah is growing at a rate of a "normal" child!!! Hooray Hannah! She also said that Hannah was quickly catching up to the 5th percentile on the normal chart. Maybe by the next time, she will be on the chart.
I had an OB appointment yesterday and I am bummed out! I knew that I would not be seeing my regular doctor since I had to reschedule my appointment around our trip to Ohio. My regular doctor had told me that we would schedule my ultrasound around 18 weeks, which I am on Saturday. This other guy, decided that I should wait until my next check-up which should have been in four weeks, but since we are going back to Ohio, will be five weeks. That means that I will not get to see this baby until June 26th! With Hannah we had already seen her three times by then. What a major bummer!
Our life is back to normal around here...except for the mice that we keep catching! We came home to a housefull of mouse turds, so disgusting. Since we have been home we have caught three of those boogers, that is one a day. Hopefully we have just about got them all because I am tired of picking up mouse droppings throughout the house!