Monday, September 29, 2008

Random nothingness

This past weekend we had a girls weekend! My mom, my sister, my sister's friend from work, Tater and I went to Cleveland to stay with my brother's girlfriend B. (Wow, did you catch all of that?) We went wedding dress shopping!!! Tater was SOOOO excited to go to B's house and spend that night. She ended up staying up waaay past her bedtime and hanging out with the girls. We then woke up entirely too early and spent the majority of the day looking at dresses. I am proud to say that she did amazingly well for going on that little of sleep. In fact my sister through a bigger fit than the Tater did! We got home late Saturday night which leads me to being overwhelmed.

That is how I am feeling right now. My house is such a disaster right, like scary messy. Like so messy that I should not be on the computer right now, I should be digging through the mess. I'm not exactly sure how it happened, we left on Friday night and the house was pretty clean. We got home late Saturday night and by Sunday night the house was messy. It must have been the fact that I was so tired from all the shopping we did on Saturday that I did not feel like picking up after the kids. Now it is Monday night and I still have not picked up after them. So, yeah it is pretty messy and I am not motivated to get it straightened out...just overwhelmed by the mess.

We still What is wrong with us people? We have looked at a bazillion houses and still nothing. I am getting so desperate to find a house that I even let hubs go look at houses by himself on Sunday. Still nothing! You would think we were signing over our lives or something. Well I guess we basically are, but still. It is starting to get really stressful around here, and by really stressful I mean I am feeling the pressure and taking it out on hubs. We really need to find a house soon.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


My sister, who it seems is barely old enough to be out of diapers let alone old enough to get married, announced that she is engaged. Her and her boyfriend went on vacation this past week up to Canada and she called home Friday night with the good news. Here is a picture of her and her fiance, taken last weekend at my cousin's wedding:
She also wanted to talk to the Tater to see if she would want to be a flower girl. Of course Tay is very excited that Cara and Zach are getting married because this means that Zach is now a part of our family. However, Zach is her first crush. I don't think she realizes that this should be devastating news as she no longer has a chance to win Zach's heart. Last weekend at the wedding my brother's girlfriend wanted to take a picture of Tater with Zach, so she told Tater to sit with Zach. This is the picture from my angle:
Everybody at the table died laughing when Hannah put her hand up like that! It was soooo cute!
Anyway, congratulations Cara and Zach! We are so happy for you!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No Comment

Literally. I cannot comment on any of your blogs! I mentioned before that something is messed up on my laptop which did not allow me to comment. It always redirects me then my comment disappears into internetland. Which meant that I could comment when I got on the home computer or hubby's computer. Then hubby went out of town and I could only comment from the home computer. Then a few weeks ago the home computer crashed. So, now I cannot comment...and it sucks. I wanted to tell you all that I am still reading your blogs and OMG Kim I cannot believe that you pulled off the move and kept your mouth shut until two weeks before! Seriously!
Katie -- I want to know the secrets of html. Your blog is always so cute and I want to mix things up here.
Anyway, until I get my "puter" fixed just know that I am out there lurking in the shadows!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Leader of the Pack

It all started out innocent enough. You see, hubs has always wanted a motorcycle and I have always vetoed his right to have one. You would have to know my husband to understand that he has quite the wild and reckless side so a motorcycle and him just do not mix. Sometime in late winter he started looking at motorcycles on the internet, just pricing them and watching them on ebay. Then he started talking to me about getting one. We made a deal, he could get a motorcycle if I got Wii, Wiifit, a bike and trailer and a smart phone. I thought he would never go for such a thing...then slowly but surely my treasures started rolling in. First the bike and trailer, but that was just so we could be together as a family. Then when I graduated in May he bought me all the Wii stuff, for a graduation present. The one thing still left of my list was a smart phone. I thought I was safe.

We continued to discuss the motorcycle. Me telling him that he should wait until he had a job and we saw what our finances would be like. Him telling me how much gas he would save. Then June came and he got a job. Uh-oh now the pressure was on. I still told him to hold out...but have I mentioned how stubborn and compulsive my husband is? The day that we were leaving for vacation, the day that we would be stuck together in a car for 14+ hours he decides that would be a good day to buy a motorcycle WITHOUT telling his wife about it.

Seriously, I was so livid the man is lucky to be alive. How could ha make such a large purchase without my knowledge? Let's just say it was a looong ride! However, just look at how cute he looks:
It's hard to stay mad at him when he's so darn cute! Seriously though, I am happy that he has his toy. I'm glad that he has something that he has always wanted and that it makes him happy. However, do you think he could at least have enough sense to wear a helmet? Especially when traveling long distances? He's not invincible ya' know and I wish he would get that through his thick skull!