Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cars, cars, and more cars

We had Alex's birthday party last Saturday. Nothing too big, just family and a few close friends. It just so happened that Papa Randy was in town, so even he got to join in the festivities. Of course it was a Car's themed party, since Zander is all about trucks. Even though it was not a big affair the boy took home the loot! He got some fall/winter clothes which were much needed, a soccer net, a baseball tee, a variety of trucks and a big truck.

There were a couple of funny moments at the party that I want to remember. Let me start off by saying that I think his baseball tee was one of his favorite gifts and that Daddy could not get it out of the box fast enough. Now lets just think about this. We are inside and a two year old is going to hit a ball off a tee. Mind you everything was plastic but still. Daddy got it all set up and Zander stepped up to the plate and bam, hit the ball. Right into Grandpa's head! Of course we all start laughing, give him the ball back and he does it again. Ok, enough of the tee.

The other one had to do with him blowing out the candles. It is not so much funny as cute. Remember how I said he did so good blowing out his candle on the cupcake? Well not so much at the party. We got done singing and he just sat there and smiled at us. Like what, am I supposed to do something here? It finally took Papa Dave picking him up and moving him much closer to the cake before he would blow them out. I guess he thought he was too far away.

Lastly, Owen one of the youngest party goes gave us some good entertainment. Here he is:
Zander getting ready to open all of his gifts.

A close up of the cakes: Zander's expression while we were singing to him:

I mentioned before the "big truck" that Zander got for his birthday. Well hubs and I went together with Grandpa and Grandma to get Alex a big jeep. He really loved it! Here are some pictures from the first time he drove it.

Hey how do I make this thing go?

You are such a crazy driver! Here let me help you steer:

Finally we decided that Zander was just a little too young to be able to both push the pedal and steer at the same time, so we let Sissy do most of the driving after that.

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