Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Forever Girl

My girl. She pledges her love to me day after day. Often she tells me that she never wants to get married. She wants to stay home with Mommy forever and ever. Which is fine by me! I think I should try to record her saying that, so that when the teen years hit I can remind her how at one time she thought I was the best thing ever.

Somehow or other, Hannah has it in her head that we will be having a baby soon. Awhile back Tony said something about organizing the basement so that when the time came we would have the option of moving the toys down there. I guess she heard that conversation and it stuck with her.

The other day she told me she did NOT want me to have another baby because she didn't want her toys to go to the basement, she wanted them to stay in the toy room. I assured her that it would not be that way for sometime because the baby would sleep in Mommy and Daddies room at first. That eased her mind for awhile.

Soon she wondered, where would the baby go when it got bigger? Well, if it was a boy he would sleep in Alex's room and if we have a girl then she would sleep in Hannah's room. Well, it seemed that would work "Only if she doesn't snore! If she snores, she cannot sleep with me!" OK Hannah, but Mommy does NOT have a baby in her tummy so we have a long time to worry about that. To which she replied, "Are you sure? Your tummy sure is getting bigger!" Thanks sweetie;)

Soon enough her mind was reeling with questions again. Now she wanted to know if she could get a bunk bed if the baby was a girl. I told her we would wait and see. Then she told me when we take down her bed just to put it in a box and save it for her. That way when the girl gets married, we can take down the bunk bed and put her bed back up! You know, because she is never, ever getting married.

I like the way you think little girl! You can stay with Mommy and Daddy as long as you want. Maybe we could sign a legal agreement stating that you will stay away from boys all together while we are at it. Or you could just freeze time and stay my little girl forever.

You Capture: Lines

Lines...lines....lines. This was a difficult challenge for me, my creative juices just were not flowing. The only thing I could come up with for You Capture was my blinds. Every time I looked up and saw the light streaming through, I thought it might make a nice picture.
Not the most awe inspiring subject, but it works just the same. Here is a different angle, don't mind the ahem, dust. It seems maybe I should have dusted before I took a picture of the blinds.

Head over to Beth's to see some great captures.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas Card Outtakes...

I decided to go with "simple" for our Christmas Cards this year. By simple I mean, buy a card where you just slide a photo in. Actually, I decided that two Christmases ago (2007) and ended up not sending out cards, so I still had the cards to use. Regardless, I thought it would be a cinch to take a cute photo of my kids! Ha, who was I kidding? I knew that I was setting myself up because it was before nap time and my little Mr. was a grump, but I still thought I could pull it off!

It actually started off that he was in a good mood and Sissy was grumpy.

Then it switched to Sissy being happy and him being grumpy. Somewhere along the line I may have threatened them that they wouldn't get to go to Grandma's house unless they both smiled for the camera! It may or may not have worked.
I may or may not have called Grandma and left a voicemail in front of them stating that Zander couldn't go to her house because he wasn't listening.
I may have gotten a few good shots.
I will reveal my top three picks at the end of the week.