Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You Capture: Food

This week's You Capture was food. This Thanksgiving my Mom asked me to bake "a few pies or something." I had high expectations of capturing all these beautiful photos while I was baking. Except then I forgot, until I saw Beth's tweet that you capture was up. I was all, crap! Guess I will just show you the finished product.
A snowball cake.
Snowball cake, with pumpkin crunch in background.

Of course, a pumpkin roll. It was my first time baking all of these and I had two little helpers. Both helpers were quite upset when they found out they had to wait a whole day before they got to sample all their hard work. Hannah even asked if we could just taste one of them and take the other two to Grandma's. I like the way she thinks! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
As always, head over to Beth's to see more captures.