Monday, November 17, 2008

It's getting closer...

Because I wouldn't want to forget them!!!

I might be MIA around here for the next couple of weeks, you know with trying to move and all. Right now my house is filled with boxes, most of them empty. So, yeah I really need to get busy. However, for some reason I cannot seem to get much done during the day. Hmmm, not really sure why. Oh right, because of two small "helpers".

Also, I updated my blogroll, please let me know if I forgot someone. There are so many blogs these days that it is hard to keep up with them all.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Freedom is NOT Free

Happy Veterans Day. Although, I think that statement contradicts itself. How can somebody be happy that they are a veteran? That they fought in a war? So, I guess the proper thing to say would be: thank you. Thank you to those past and present for serving our country. Thank you for giving up your "freedoms" so that we can all continue to enjoy ours. Thank you to all of the faithful wives/husbands of veterans for proudly standing by your solider.
On this day, we remember those who have served and who are currently serving. I for one am grateful for your service. I just don't think that thank you covers it.

The HOTTEST of them all ;)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas, Christmas time is here...

Well, it is almost here anyway. I seriously cannot believe that stores have their Christmas stuff out in full force already! Of course my children love to go into said stores and marvel at all of the gaudy decorations. Needless to say, all the Christmas decor has made me realize that Christmas truly is around the corner and I need to get busy shopping. However, I am hoping to score something for myself (and possibly others) over at 5 Minutes for Mom. They are having an awesome Christmas giveaway throughout the month of November. Hop on over there and check it out!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Happy Almost Birthday

The USMC birthday is coming up and it makes me a little sad. Normally we would be celebrating this occasion by getting all geared up for the Ball. Obviously since Bologna is no longer in the Marines, we will not be attending and that is partially what makes me sad. What it really boils down to is that I miss being a military family. I miss the community, the understanding between the wives, I miss NC and I miss our friends. However, there is not anything I can do about that. What I can do is wish all the Devil Dogs a safe and happy birthday. As well as a big Semper Fi!

To keep with the military theme here, I was thinking the other day about when Bologna was deployed to Iraq. I was thinking about how it almost seemed easier then the current separation we are in. I'm really not sure how to explain it. He was deployed for seven months, in a relatively "safe" area. However, there was no choice involved. He had to be there. Right now, it is more of a choice for us because he is only two hours away. Really we could be together if we wanted to. I mean he is paying to stay with friends. We could pay for something for all of us or drive up and see us more.

I think that is what makes it so hard. That we could be together and we are not. When he was deployed we were so in love. When we would correspond or talk it was similar to when you first start dating someone and everything is all sunshine and roses. I'm not saying we didn't argue, because we still did but it was different. It is much harder this time. There seems to be such a strain on our marriage. We are still in love, but we have to fight for that love.

I am just so excited that this is almost over. That we will soon be living together again and instead of missing him all of the time I will probably be wondering why I missed him so much in the first place!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Fall Fun and Other Ramblings

Yesterday we enjoyed some awesome warm weather, so we decided to take advantage of it and play outside. All. Day. Long. (Except nap time because I'm not crazy!) We had such a wonderful time; raking the leaves, jumping in the leaves, throwing the leaves at each other, burying each other in the leaves, basically doing all things involved with leaves.
I managed to get some good shots of Hannah. I could post quite of few of her in the leaves because she is such a good subject. She will comply when I ask her to sit still for a few minutes.
Alex on the other hand is a different story. Being his two year old self it was hard to get a good picture of him. He was a ball of constant motion. So, I finally gave up, put the camera away and just enjoyed my kids.

We had such a fun time together! The downside was that the house got a little neglected. Never mind the fact that we spent all the daylight hours outside, there still managed to be a big mess! Oh well. It was worth it and I will gladly choose spending time with my children over housekeeping any day.
Also, I somehow forgot that since I was the one responsible for making beer bread for a Tastefully Simple party tonight, that I would you know need beer. Of course I did not remember that small little fact until well after the kids were in bed. So first thing today we ran out and bought some beer so I could make the stinking bread. After only 30 minutes in the oven (it is supposed to bake for almost an hour) I started to smell burning bread. Uh-oh, sure enough it was a little burnt. Again, oh well. We'll just scrape that part off!!
Lastly, some house news. It is finally official, I think. We have a closing date!! We will finally be closing the week of Thanksgiving, which will make for a busy Thanksgiving around these parts. Of course it will be worth it to finally be living together again.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Why Mommy?

When I met Lisa recently one of the things we talked about was talking to our daughters about the fact that they were different from other kids. She said that one of the tools she uses is watching Little People Big World with Lizzie. Unfortunately, we do not have cable so that is not really an option for us. I have talked to Han before about how she is special, that God made her look different, but that she is just as smart and can do just as much in her own way.

When talking to Lisa, I said something about the fact that Hannah had not yet noticed that she was different then any of the other kids and that I was not sure if I wanted to ruin her innocence on the matter just yet. I just wanted her to remain worry free for a little longer. I do not know if that is the best approach, and I was struggling with what to do about it. How do you make a four year old understand what most adults don't understand?

Well, recently she has started to notice things. Like, that her two year old brother can reach the light switches and she cannot. Or that on most bikes/trikes she cannot reach the pedals while most kids can. This has caused her to start asking questions.
"Mommy, why can Alex reach the lights and I can't? I even stand on my tipey-toes and can't."
"Mommy, why can't I reach the pedals like Dax (our next door neighbor)?"
"Mommy, why am I different?"
"Mommy why are my legs short and Anna's legs long? I don't want short arms and legs."

Although it is a little heartbreaking for me to hear her question and express these things, I keep reassuring her that she can do those things with a little modification. Such as using her light wand to reach the switches, and her pedal blocks to reach the pedals. I also reiterate how special she is, how much I love her and that she should not let her difference hold her back. That one day she will be able to do these things and until then she gets to do them her own special way.

She still questions why she has short arms/legs. I'm not sure what more I can do for her, other than surround her with love so that she can realize that, short or not, she is an amazing little girl. Now the pressure is off on how to tell her she is different, but the pressure is there on how to help her embrace her difference. Any great suggestions?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We Rocked the Vote

I VOTED....with a two year old on my hip. It doesn't get much harder than that, so really there is not excuse as to not voting.
(Apparently it is harder to take a self portrait in the mirror than I thought. This was the best out of a million shots, and even then I had to crop it.) Also, in case you were wondering if I left Tater at home by herself while the boy and I walked downtown to vote, I didn't. She was with her Grandma Cath and got to vote with her. Although, she wasn't sure what a vote was and got quite anxious in line since they had to wait 40 minutes. We on the other hand walked right in and voted.