Monday, October 20, 2008

BIG A, little a

Today I decided that since Missy Tater is not in preschool, we really need to start working on her letters. I figured we would start with A and work our way through to Z (ingenious I know), doing one letter per week, capital and lowercase including the sounds that they make. We'll see how it goes. Today we worked on writing big and little a's and sang a song about the sounds they make. Then for lunch we had "Aa" sandwiches.
We also had tomAto soup. It was very yummy and the kids just loved eating their letters.
After lunch we ran to the $ store and bought some art supplies so that we could do some serious "Aa" art projects this week. When we were done there we went to my friend Steph's house for a little play date. It was great to catch up with my friend Molly who I haven't seen for a few months. Towards the end of the night we tried to get all of the kiddos on the couch for a photo, but it did not work out to well.

I chose this one because H, was sitting there all nice and proper while everyone else was in their own world. Yep, that basically sums up us trying to get five kids to sit still for five minutes.


Alex said...

I love the sandwiches, what a cute idea!
Getting a bunch of kids to pose for a picture is SO hard! LOL

Jaime said...

What a cute idea with the sandwiches! Learning and eating something yummy at the same time, can't beat that!

Destini said...

Nothing better than grilled cheese and tomato soup when the weather starts getting cold - unless the grilled cheese is shaped like letters! Could you imagine being the poor girl at Sears that takes kids photos all day long??

Kim said...

That is the greatest idea! What a cool thing. Preston loevs grilled cheese so that is a really good trick.
Also love the new pics of the kids. I agree with posing kids-it never works. Invariably someone either blinks, cries, turns their head, etc.