Friday, March 24, 2006


It seems that when you are considering adding an addition to your family, you kind of forget all of the "bad" and focus on the good. For instance, I kind of forgot how sick I was with Hannah. Believe me, that I remembered very quickly after getting pregnant. It is also funny that different smells trigger the sickness. With the Tater, I could not stand the smell of the swiffer wet pads, a sweet pea lotion and aquafresh extreme clean orange toothpaste. To this day I can not use those products. So far with this baby it has been Hubby's cologne, my deodorant and a vanilla scented oil in the guest bathroom. I'm a little bit sad because I really loved the cologne before I was pregnant, now I'm afraid he'll never be able to wear it again. In fact, every time I walk into the room where the cologne is stored I gag. Not a good sign! I am also having aversions to just about every food and drink there is, making it awfully difficult to eat an entire meal without problems. I even have problems drinking water. My mom suggested I try some flavored water, just to stay hydrated, but after a couple bottles of those I can't even stand looking at them. Other than that, things are going pretty good with this pregnancy, good if you consider the fact that I don't cook or clean because I'm so nauseated. Bad if you're my husband and have taken over almost all household duties. Gotta love a man who will do that with minimal complaining!

Pepsi a*k*a liquid-crack

Really I'm not sure if there is such a thing as liquid-crack, being that I'm not really up on my drugs. Anyway, that being said Pepsi should be considered a liquid-crack. Last night I have a craving for a Pepsi....the regular caffeinated kind. So Hubby (being the wonderful husband that he is) runs out at 9:30 to get me some. Being that Hannah did not have her second nap, she was ready to go to bed. However, when Daddy poured me a cup of Pepsi she started throwing a little tantrum because she wants some. Hubby picks her up and takes her to the kitchen where I assume that he is getting her some milk. Not to long after she comes prancing into the living room with a sippy full of.....can you guess it? Pepsi. Hello!!!! The following is the conversation that we had.

Me: What are you thinking?! (As I grab the already 3/4 empty cup)
Him: What it's just Pepsi. What is wrong with letting her have Pepsi?
Me: Um, first off SUGAR and CAFFEINE at TEN AT NIGHT!!!! (Not to
mention it's just not a healthy habit.)
Him: Oh, I guess I didn't think about that.

So in case you haven't already guessed it, Hannah did not go to bed until late....very, very late. It was 1:30 am before I could convince her to lay down in her own bed. Before that I rocked her, sang to her, let her lay in bed with me and none of that worked. She was pumped up on liquid-crack. Around 1:30 she was almost asleep, but then started bopping around in the bed again, so I asked her if she was ready to go back to Hannah's bed. Her response, she took out the paci, looked at me in the eye and said "Noooo!" in a sad almost two year old voice. Umm, too bad. Night, night Mommy loves you. With that she finally fell asleep.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How Many Times Do We Have To Do This?!

Some of you may remember that back in December Hannah was supposed to have her Orthopedic appointment. However, after driving an hour to her appointment they inform us that she was scheduled with the wrong doc. He is a sports medicine doctor and really would not be able to see her. We need to see the pediatric doctor, no kidding the 17 month old baby needs to see the pediatric doctor? So, then our regular doctor decides that we should just go to Duke because it is a medical school and will have more specialists to help treat her. The day before her appointment in February, we get a letter from our insurance company saying that we can not go there because they are out of network. I call our insurance company, who is usually pretty good about letting our daughter see whoever she needs to see, but apparently the lady on the phone was having a bad day because she said that we could not go there when there were qualified doctors right down the road from us. Well obviously they aren't that qualified if our doctor does not want us to go there!!! Anyway, I cancel her appointment at Duke and schedule one in New Bern, the town right next to us for March 13th. We get to said appointment and guess what, they had us in the schedule for February 13th and the doctor who was going to see her is in surgery so could we please come back? You have got to be kidding me, can't we just get in to the doctor's already? It's funny how when I called they couldn't get me in until almost 6 weeks later, but when we are there they have an appointment in two days open. What are the odds? So hopefully if all goes as planned we will be seeing the orthopedic doctor tomorrow. Of course I'm a little concerned because I'm not sure if we are actually seeing a doctor or a PA. I know that PA's are qualified to do just about everything the doctor does, but when your child has a genetic disorder and has to see multiple doctors for multiple things it just doesn't give you the warm and fuzzies when it's a PA and not a doctor. Oh well, we'll see how it goes!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Case of the missing remote

So last week, while Mommy was out and Daddy and Hannah were spending some quality time together, the remote to the tv magically vanished. When I noticed it on Wednesday I looked everywhere. Under the couch, in between all of the cushions, under the chair, in the plant and I even looked in the kitchen. Of course all my searching was to no avail and Hannah did not understand why she couldn't watch Dora (I need the remote to change the input on the television). She was not very happy that morning, but when Daddy came home from lunch he showed us how to change the input without the remote. All was well, except the remote was still missing. I looked and looked all week and couldn't find it. Finally on Monday night, when Daddy was painting and I was supervising, I walked out and there was the remote in Hannah's hand. Where did it come from? I asked hubby if he found it and he said no, that means that the girl had stashed it somewhere and just decided that we had enough torture in our remoteless world so she decided to bring it out of hiding. Who knows where she had it at, but I know that if it ever comes up missing again, she'll be the first person I ask where to find it!

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