Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Poor Little Boy

Remember the baseball tee that Zander got for his birthday? He really loved that tee, it was one of his favorite things to do when we went outside to play. He would put the ball on it and hit it, then chase it around the yard. It was actually pretty cute.

Well the other night I did not put it away. I left it in the yard thinking that we would be going back outside later and we would put it away after that. However, we never made it back outside and later that night I forgot about it and shut the garage door. Well some schmuck decided to steal a two year olds favorite toy! Mind you it was in my BACKYARD in a very small town. I would have thought that it would be ok to leave a toy outside overnight.

I was so angry when I went outside the next morning and found it missing. I called my hubby and he laughed and said "What are you going to do when you move to Columbus and somebody breaks into your car....or your house?" Which made me laugh! However at least my two year old would most likely not be missing his brand new favorite toy!!


Destini said...

How terrible, poor Zander, how to explain that to a two year old? Did you guys pick a house in Columbus?

Caden and Mommy said...

That sucks! What evil person would steal a baseball T. For peets sake! I hope Zander gets a new one!