Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Just wanted to ask everybody to keep my brother in your prayers. He left Sunday night for Iraq and will be there for the next seven months. Thanks!

One word....teething

I remember a few months ago at the Taters 24 month check-up the PA talking about her getting her two year molars. He said something along the lines of us knowing she was teething because she will suddenly transform into the spawn of satan. Well internet it has happened. It started last week and I was really quite annoyed with her sudden change in disposition. VERY cranky and not eating anything. At first I just thought it was the "terrible twos" taking over and was rather disappointed that my little angel would act like that....especially in public! Then after a couple days of cranky toddler vs cranky mommy (do to not sleeping at night) it hit me, she's teething. Sure enough, upon examination of the mouth there were two giant teeth trying to poke through. Now that I know the problem, I am much more sympathetic and much more eager to drug her up and she is doing much better. Of course we still have our meltdowns, but they are quickly solved with "Do your teeth hurt? Do you need some medicine?" After that it is pure bliss.
On the baby front, I am getting increasingly anxious (and large). I can't wait to have this little guy/gal and find out who we have. Not to mention the fact that I am getting more and more uncomfortable and having a hard time sleeping at night. I swear I toss and turn all night, and when I'm not tossing or turning I am peeing or having heart burn. Finally I fall asleep only to wake up to sore hips!!! I am at weekly visits now and only have TWO left!!! I just want to know one thing, who in their right mind makes a gigantic prego pee in a cup? Hello, I can't see what is down there, how am I supposed to hit the cup? Thankfully I must have pretty good aim because I haven't missed yet, but I am just waiting for the day that I pee on my hand. Really, that will be a great time.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Don't look too close....you'll see the stretch marks!! Posted by Picasa

Belly shot Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 15, 2006


As I was cleaning out our disgusting fish tank today, the girl was happily playing in her toyroom (which is off the kitchen). I couldn't see her because I was in the bathroom scraping build-up off of the tank, but I could hear her playing so all was well. Pretty soon I heard her walking through the kitchen, she came to me said a few things then went back to play. Or so I thought. I went to the kitchen to get more paper towels and found rifling in my purse. Leave Mommies purse alone!, I told her and she did. Moved the purse, went back to scraping. A few minutes passed and I went to put tank back together. Walked into the kitchen to get something and saw her in the playroom with the tin of icebreakers sour mints. She held them up and said "Mommy, nummy?" (Yummy) Anyway, she loves these mints so I told her to bring it to mommy and I would get her some. So, she brought me the empty container. She managed to eat an entire container of mints in less than five minutes!!!! Thank goodness they are sugar-free!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


One of my favorite things about Hannah right now is her ability to learn just about anything in such a short period of time. Like people say, she is literally a sponge absorbing everything she can. Over the past few days whenever I change a stinky diaper I say "Shooey!" in a really high pitched voice. My daughter now sings shooey, over and over again (in a high pitched voice) while I change her stinky diapers. It is quite amusing. It makes me think that if I would put some effort into it, she would be potty trained in a matter of days. I just can't motivate myself and frankly I wonder if she is actually ready. She has also picked up the word "ewww". I don't think she knows what it means because she will say it in random sentences that don't make any sense. Like earlier today she said: "Mommy, daddy ewww!" Of course maybe she's onto something with that one....
We have also visited her doctors in the past week. Last Tuesday we saw her orthopedic doctor, because of her "condition" the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that she be seen every six months. Well, we saw them and they said she looks good. Basically a waste of time, but something that we have to do. I was relieved because there are some people that comment on her legs and if she'll need braces. They seemed to think that she does not need braces and will not because braces alone will not do anything. This Tuesday we saw her endocrinologist, another three hour drive, for a five minute appointment. I am happy to report that she has continued to grow at a steady pace, however she did not catch up to the normal growth range at all this time. They did move her dosage up a little bit this time, so maybe that will give her the boost that she needs.
On the belly front, other than the fact that it is getting extremely large, one of my good friends keeps pestering me to put up a picture since I am so far away. So to make her happy I will:) Just as soon as hubby gets home....so stay tuned.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Water Baby

Our girl is definitely a water baby! Every time we visit the beach, she loves to go out into the water and swim. I'm talking out in the deep water with Daddy. Now this tends to make me a little nervous because hello, it's the ocean! If she goes under what if we can't find her? Anyway, on this day it was really calm, so it didn't make me quite as nervous. In fact I joined in on the fun.
However, usually she wants her daddy. Daddy swim, mommy!!! Daddy swim! So, I don't feel too guilty about not playing with her out there. This past weekend while we were swimming there were a ton of fish. More fish than either of us have ever seen in the water. There was an entire school of them just out a few feet past where we were swimming. We don't know if it was because it was raining off and on or what. You could only see them as the waves would start to roll up or when they were jumping out of the water! Hannah loved watching them. She did not want to get out of the water because she could see the fish.
We always have a hard time getting her out, but it was extra hard this weekend. Daddy finally told her that the fish went to sleep in order to get the pruny-purple little girl out of the water and into her towel! We realize that we only have a couple more trips to the beach left in this season, so we try to enjoy it as much as possible.