Friday, April 25, 2008

Weight Loss Extravaganza....Week 1

Well....I did not lose much weight this week. (Little side note: I actually thought I gained weight, but I think I read the scale wrong the first time I weighed myself because I did not turn the light on and I did not have my glasses on. So I was shocked when I read the scale the second time and I saw a 7 instead of a 1!!! At least I'm hoping that I read the scale wrong because I don't think it is possible to gain six pounds in a matter of a couple of days.) I am blaming my lack of weight loss on my Mom. She not only bought a cheesecake from Olive Garden (mmmm, black tie mouse cake) and sent me home with four pieces, but she also baked her awesome chocolate chip cookies and gave us about two dozen! So yeah, I'm blaming her!! Way to be responsible for my actions I know. I did however do very good with getting some exercise. I walked almost everyday (with a pinch of jogging), did some videos online, and of course tons of abs. Unfortunately, the junk food killed me. So my goal for next week is to jog a little bit more and stop eating the junk food! I think I am actually going to keep a log so that I see how much I am eating.

So I am a little disappointed with my results this week, but it just shows me I need to work a little bit harder next week!!

Edited: I just weighed myself again...not because I am obsessed or anything but because I thought that I did a lot of work this week and the scale just had to be wrong. Well when I weighed myself again I was down a total of 2.5 pounds!!! So I'm counting it for the week!


Jennifer said...

Great start Catie! Although I thought you looked perfect when we met, I understand that desire to lose the pounds! I have been weight obsessed my entire life. Worked for Weight Watchers for 12 years. Ask Cat about some of the amazing meals they ate growing up, especially German Meatloaf. (Sorry girls!!) Keep up the good work. I need to start exercising again so I can get into my Mother-of-the-Bride dress!

Christie O. said...

sweet!!! that's awesome! yeah i had a rough go of it with my mom too, she was here all week and was the devil sitting on my shoulder trying to get me to binge!

but that's awesome! 2.5! you rock!

Sarah and Matt said...

Good Work Catie! Even with the treats you lost wegiht. I know how exciting that can be. Jennifer is right, you looked great when we saw you, but I too understand the need and desire to lose weight. I have been walking and trying to be good too. Haven't done the weight check yet, I'm going to give it a few days. I'm hope this week goes well for you!

Christie O. said...

don't forget to stop by and sign the linky today!! (fat ticker friday!) :)