Tuesday, April 22, 2008

She is a QT!

The Tater got her outfit for her recital on Thursday. Doesn't she make an adorable ballerina?
The outside time-out corner woes. This is what happens when your Mommy tells you THREE times to get out of the neighbors yard and you don't listen!

Because this view is much funnier then the one previously posted!


Kim said...

She is adorable. Even put in the time out that face is precious. Does she like dance?

Jennifer said...

Oh she is so cute in her ballerina gear! Love the tutu and love the pink! My most favorite is the time out picture though. Classic!

Sarah and Matt said...

Cute cute pictures. Hannah is a doll. It's cute to see her in her little tutu (is that how you spell it?) Kim's right, even in time out she is precious.

Christie O. said...

she IS a QT. and what a funny picture in timeout. (although i'm sure she doesn't think so). haha