Friday, May 09, 2008

Hello....?? Anybody there?

Geeze! I cannot believe that it has been so long since I posted! Where does time go? Well I blame it on my computer woes. (Yes I know that is the same excuse Cat used, but it really is true.) Something is up with my computer, first I couldn't leave comments on other blogs, then when I would try to log in it would redirect me a couple of times before I could log in and then it would redirect me over and over again and sometimes I could log in and sometimes I could not. So, I would just give up and move on. Point being, in order for me to post I have to use hubby's computer sometime during the day. If I don't get to it before dinner time, I'm out of luck. How often do you think I have time during the day to sit down uninterrupted? Yes, there is nap time but usually I am doing things like, oh I don't know laundry, dishes, vacuuming, picking up toys etc. I hope you all didn't give up on me...we're still here!

Hannah has her recital tomorrow! She is so excited. I just hope she does ok once she gets up on that big stage and sees everybody looking at her!

My other excuse for being MIA. It has been so nice out that we have been spending a lot of time outdoors. The kids are usually so much happier when we are outside AND they sleep so much better after running around all day. It really makes my life easier.


Christie O. said...

WHAT! you mean you're out having a life instead of blogging??!!! shame on you!! hahahahaha
just kidding!

Kim said...

The new pic of Hannah is adorable! I hope the recital went well! Glad to see you are back