Monday, April 21, 2008

Missing: One adorable, sweet baby

Found: One Rambunctious Toddler!!!Exhibit A: Climbing out of his stroller.
I do not know what happened. One day I was holding this sweet little baby and the next thing I know someone switched him out with a much more active toddler. This toddler does not sit still, he is always on the go, always getting into something and always climbing! This toddler does not like to cuddle, or be rocked to sleep as he is quite independent. Seriously, what happened to my little baby? Has anyone seen him?

Zander had his 18 month (18 MONTH!!!!) well check today. He is looking good, weighing in at 25 lbs, 40% and standing at 34 1/2 inches, 93%.

Exhibit B: standing in the tub (full of water) with his clothes on!

Exhibit C: large bruises can be found on his body at all times!

Well, I guess he is kind of handy to have around the house. He loves using the sweeper, which cuts my cleaning time in half! His vocabulary is really exploding right now it is amazing to listen to some of the things he has to say! (I need to make a list because right now I can only thing of regulars like MOMMEEEEE!)
It is also amazing to see how different he is from Hannah at this age. You would think as busy as Alex is, he would not like to walk in the stroller. However, he loves going for walks and I can take him on looong walks without a single complaint. Hannah on the other hand used to hate going on walks. We would barely get down the street and she would start whining. I would have expected it to be the exact opposite. He is also more adventurous then she was, but he is more shy around new people then she was.
Exhibit D: Eating a bowl of frosting!
I guess I should have seen it coming, you blink and the next thing you know they are grown. However, I am begging here: whoever took my baby and replaced him with this man child, could you please return him to his MOMMEEEE! I miss him and would love to rock him to sleep just one last time.


Kim said...

Awwwww, even though he is a big little guy, he is still your baby! I absolutely love the picture of him in the tub with all the water! What a big dude! I am hoping Preston makes it to 34 inches by his third b-day! He is a cutie!

Sarah and Matt said...

I feel the same way about my little guy. He is 28 months already! Where does the time go? Busy little boys! He is very cute. I love the pic. of him with the vaccum. William loves the 'vum' too! Doesn't bother me that he wants to clean :)