Friday, April 18, 2008

Weight Loss Extravaganza!!!

So after watching the Spring into Summer Slimdown for two weeks I decided to join in the fun! Seriously, I had my baby 18 MONTHS AGO! and still have all of my baby weight hanging on with the death grip o'fat. I have been saying that I am going to do something about it and as a matter of fact I have. I have stopped buying soda, I try to drink more water, buy more fresh fruits and veggies, and some natural cereals etc. However, the one thing that I have not done is actually get off my bum and exercise. After reading a great post about obsessions that described exactly how I felt; how I get so mad at myself and obsess over losing weight but don't. I decided to actually do something about my oh, I don't know, maybe exercise. My goal is to lose 20 lbs! I want to look good in my swimsuit this summer when we go on vacation to the OBX.
So after deciding to join I get out and scout a good route to walk/jog. I only had the boy, so it was an easy walk with a single stroller, however I still was so unmotivated! I got through about half of what I thought my route would be and kept thinking that was far enough and I should just head home. Seriously, I was walking and I wanted to stop! (I should interject that it was a face pace walk, not just your leisurely stroll) Obviously I have a bit of a motivation problem. I just kept pushing on and made myself keep going. I need to figure out what can motivate me to actually exercise this week. Maybe the fact that when I put on a pair of capri's from last summer they did not fit! How did that happen?
Anyway, I will be trying to figure out what will keep me going. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated! Wish me luck. By the way, hop on over to the Baby Tea Leaves if you want to join in on the fun!


Christie O. said...

YAY! I'm so glad you joined us! One good motivator for me is seeing everyone's results every week. I think about everyone else who's doing this when I am working out and it makes me dig a little deeper and push a little harder (I actually HURT today from yesterday's workout). That's why I started this, after all! I've met so many new bloggers on the same quest as me! So feel free too, to stop by the other blogs who are doing this, it's great motivation and support!

Sarah and Matt said...

I feel for you Catie. I have those same's so hard to get off the bum and do something. If I lived closer I'd go walking with you! You are helping to motivate me. I'm going to start the process too! Thanks for the inspiration.

Lisa said...

Oh, 18 months is actually pretty good. Liz will be four in June, and I JUST got down to my pre-Liz weight. And, to make all of us feel better, I talk with women all of the time who say: "Oh, if I could just get rid of that baby-weight."
I say: "How old is your baby?"
Response: She's starting college this fall.
Keep up the hard work.

Renee said...

That is awesome! I too have "baby weight"...not really sure I should call it that since I gained the year after my baby....but nonetheless, need to get serious! I'll lose five, gain 6, lose 4, gain 1. Ridiculous! You look great anyway, but good luck and call me if you ever want to walk!!!! God knows I need to!

Miss you!!!!

Kim said...

Good for you. I am at the pre-Preston weight, but not the pre-Preston belly! I used to love my stomach now it frightens me. Ihave a serious motivation problem too! As I sit for two hours a night in front of the tv I should do sit ups.
Soda is my pitfall. I love it. I really admire your willpower!

Catie said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words! Kim - I don't know if we will ever get our pre-baby stomach's back. Like you I used to have quite the nice flat stomach and now, well I'll spare you the details but it is not pretty!