Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Little Person BIG BED

The girl has been "sneaking" down at night and climbing into our bed. I say "sneaking" because we usually hear her, but just let her go. Last night when we went to bed this is what we saw. I had to laugh because compared to her the bed is so big and yet she is in the corner with her leg hanging over the side! Silly girl.
Apparently my kids like to take turns being sick. Hannah just finished taking antibiotics for a double ear infection yesterday and then Alex started getting fussy. So I took him to the doctor and he has another double ear infection. Geese this kid gets so many ear infections (you would think he was achon). Thankfully we are going to the ENT on Tuesday!

On a side note, I am having issues with blogger. I tried to comment on several blogs today and I kept getting an error message. So I'm not being antisocial, I'm just having issues with blogger. Is anyone else having problems? Kim you can add me. (Preston is such a cutie by the way!)

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Kim said...

Hi Catie,
So excited to read Hannah's story. Mine is so different, but I too remember getting the DNA results and it stated "suggestive of achon" I was like ok what does that mean?
Hannah is adorable and so cute in your big bed. Thank you for letting me add you to my blog!