Tuesday, July 08, 2008


We just returned from a week at the beautiful Outer Banks, NC. We stayed on Corolla Beach with Bologna's family and a great time was had by all. I have been pretty busy getting ready for a certain little girl's fourth birthday party, so this is just a little preview of our time at the beach. Enjoy!


P.S. I was very tempted to find Nathan and Patricia's church and show up on Sunday, but I thought that might come across as being a bit stalkerish. Maybe next year!


Tonya said...

Looks like fun!! Yeah, just a bit stalkerish, we don't do things like that do we? ;)

Tonya said...

Where are the party pics, huh?

Catie said...

I'm working on it! Not really, but they will be up soon. I have a great shot of this lady hanging on a pole...something about raising money! LOL!!

Tonya said...

HA HA, I saw her, she's HOT!

Sarah and Matt said...

okay you are on the slacker blog list now :) I keep checking for party pics and to hear about hubbys new 'toy' but nothin!! Catie you are killing us here :)
that pole lady better raise us some money :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, Catie,

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