Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Party Suited for a Princess

We had Hannah's FOURTH birthday party Saturday. (Seriously, I cannot believe that Hannah is four!!) For weeks upon weeks Hannah was set on having a polka-dot party. I was all set for that because it would have been so easy to decorate and plan. I found cute generic polka-dot plates and napkins and making the cake would have been a breeze. Not to mention how easy it would have been to decorate. However when it came time to by the invitations, Hannah came with me to the store. After filling our cart full of polka-dots, we were leaving the aisle and guess what she saw? Tinker Bell! So after a little hard work and creativity we had a Tink party.

The cake and cupcakes Mommy made.

Party decorations

We had the party at Grandma's house because she has so much fun stuff for all of the kids. Hannah had so many family and friends there that she did not know what to do! All of her cousins were there, her friends Reece and Owen were there and Knoah and Kaela came!

It was so much fun and the kids all seemed to have a great time. Now, I leave you with a ton of pictures that I will have to label later because Daddy is telling me that he needs his puter to do homework.

Her big thing is to say: "Three is gone now and I'm four!"


Tonya said...

We had so much fun!! Thank you for inviting us!! The kids had a blast in the pool, we had to drag Hannah to the car, you may have seen her claw marks in the driveway!

I thought you had a picture of a HOT lady swinging on a pole? I am telling you, that would have been awesome to see!! I am thinking calendar!

Jaime said...

It sure looks like Hannah had a wonderful birthday! Caitlyn is a big fan of Tinkerbell too! Happy Birthday Hannah!

Alex said...

Happy birthday Hannah!
Seriously, could she be any cuter?? She looks adorable.

Matthew Laurin said...

I get on you about this post and then I take forever to come over and read it :) Great pictures! The party was a ton of fun and we were so glad you thought to invite us! Will had a blast and is still talking about the bouncy(trampoline). Is that last picture of her the little outfit we got her? It's cute! Well, I guess really it's Hannah that's cute :)