Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another Slacker Blogger

Well I do have a good reason for not posting this week so maybe we could hold off on that title for a little bit longer. My power cord died on Sunday, which means I was out of battery by Monday. Oh, and Tony started his new job on Monday, so with him gone it was a bit hard to find any time to myself! I know, I know. I could have went out and bought new power cord...but that would have just been too easy. So, hubby and I are headed out today to buy one.

I do have a whole list of things to blog about so stay tuned. However, I am going to back date them for historical reasons. Haha! No really, I started this blog for family and friends to keep track of Tater when we had moved out of state and also as sort of a journal to keep track of important events. Which is why I like to have some of them dated on the right dates. Anyway, I am working on the birthday pictures now!

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Christie O. said...

HI!! welcome back to the blogoverse! I was wondering -- did you ever find a strainer for the tea??? Let me know! Because I happen to have one!