Thursday, June 26, 2008

We "met" the Roloff's!!!

*Warning: Very photo heavy post!*

This past week Hannah, my Mom and I went to the LPA (Little People of America) National Convention. It was held downtown in Detroit at the beautiful Marriott Renaissance Center. We had such a great time and the workshops were very informative. I was a little worried ahead of time because I did not know what to expect and whether or not it would be worth going since Hannah was still pretty young. However, the workshops were great, the people were great...just about everything was great! I attended some really informative workshops that included: Ortho issues in young children, Achondroplasia specific diagnosis workshop, the ABC's of education, Sewing and Alteration, Dwarfism in Ancient Egypt, Dwarfism a world view and how we impact it as well as a couple of others.

The following are a few highlights from the week!
Here is the sign that greeted everyone in the lobby.

I say we "met" the Roloff's, but we really did not. We did get our picture taken with them though. They did a nice presentation about where the met, and how the show has impacted their lives and at the end had a picture time. Even though Hannah does not know who they are, I think it will be a nice photo for her to have when she gets a little older.

During the Newcomer's Reception, Owen decided to take over the International Group and become the leader! As always, he was such a cutie!!

The hotel was located right on the Detroit River and directly across the river you could see Windsor.

Apparently the GM building (which is attached to the Marriott) has spent a lot of money renovating the area. One of the things that they have done is to revitalize the waterfront. Hannah really enjoyed the fountain that the put in as part of the revitalization.

One of her favorite things to do was to step on the water when it would go down and try to block it from coming back up.

Another one of her favorite things was to visit the "water falls" that were located in the GM building. Every time we would enter the building for a workshop she would ask if the waterfalls were on and if we could go see them.

Detroit and Windsor put together one of the Nation's largest fireworks displays. Here is Hannah in awe of the fireworks.

Here she is with some 3D glasses that somebody gave her to try.

Knoah enjoyed the fireworks as well! He is such a cutie and he was such a ham the entire time we were there that I think my mom fell in love with him!

Here is Miss Priss with her sword that Gramma Cath bought for her. She was soooo spoiled the entire time we were there. Pretty much whatever her little heart desired she got. You gotta love Grandmas!

When I got home I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me!!! I have been wanting a Wii for quite some time and my hubs surprised me with one for my graduation present. I think it was sort of a combination of celebration of his exciting news and my graduation.
What I didn't tell you the exciting news? He had a job interview Monday, which is the main reason why he did not go to convention, and he got the job!!! Hooray he finally got the job. It was not the job that he had originally wanted but it is with the same company and he is really excited about it.
So we had quite the wii are having a grand time...I mean getting ready to leave on vacation tomorrow!!


Caden's Story said...

Yeah! for the wii and meeting the Roloff's! Sounds like the convention was a great time! Great pictures!

Jaime said...

Catie, it looks like you and Hannah had a great time at the convention and I'm jealous of you getting to meet the Roloffs. We're planning on making the 2010 convention in Nashville our first. Caitlyn will be 5 then and have an understand of being a little person. We are so active in our local chapter that she already knows the people that we'll see when I mention that we are going to an LPA event. Glad to hear that you girls had fun!

Kim said...

Congrats on the Wii and your hubby's new job!
As for the pictures of the convention-Hannah as always is adorable. It's ok that she is spoiled-she is cute! :-) Glad you had such a great time.

Tonya said...

As you looks like you had fun!!

Jennifer said...

Us grandmas really get the job done in the spoiling department! I believe that's part of the job description! It was great to see you guys. Hannah is such a doll. Congratulations on graduation and on hubby's new job! Does it mean a move out of the area? I hope not unless it's closer to us!

How Life Is Measured said...

As always it was great to see you and Hannah! Congrats to hubby on job. Will you be moving? I can't wait until Hannah is old enough for the talent show!

Katie said...

Looks like you had such a great time! We wish we were there...mostly just to meet all of you wonderful people...Cole is still too young to understand, but next year for sure!!!! Hannah is adorable in all of her pictures. Thanks for sharing your convention pics with us non Detroit peeps!

Christie O. said...

awww look at your sweet sweet girl!! she's such a cutie pie! it looks like you had a really good time.

and OH.MI.GOD. i love the wii fit. have you played it yet? i'm obsessed with the ski jump and the slalom.
SO MUCH FUN!!!! and congrats on hubby's new job!