Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Happy Birthday "Baby" Girl!! Wow! I cannot believe that you are already four! Where has time gone? It does not seem possible. I clearly remember just bringing a little peanut who was swimming in preemie clothes, home from the hospital just yesterday. Has it already been four years?

At four years old you are still a cross between a "baby" and a big girl. I would love to keep that baby in you as long as possible. I just love your personality and how you are always singing and dancing. Even if there is no music you just make up your own. Whenever people meet you, they are always asking if you are a dancer because you dance so much! When we went on vacation this year, the first thing you did at the ocean was to dance in the waves. You are learning so much and can even write your own name! You can draw shapes and people and you love to paint. Another favorite activity of yours is to cut paper. You will sit and cut shapes for hours.

This past year we have moved back to Ohio and you have transitioned so well. You love being close to your grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. In fact almost every weekend you spend the night with Grandma Cath. You also took your first dance class this year and had your first recital. You were the cutest little dancer I have ever seen and we were so proud of how good you did. We also attended our first LPA convention! We had so much fun and I foresee many years of LPA events in our future. This summer you have turned into quite the swimmer. You are so brave; you will jump off the side of the pool and go under, you love to wear 'noculars and swim under the water and you love to perform you tricks for us.

Tater, you are such a sweet girl. You have such a gentle and fun loving spirit with a little spunk mixed in. You have quite the personality with such determination that I do not think that you will ever meet a challenge in your life that you will not face head on. I hope that you continue to grow in the Lord and love those around you. Keep the spunk girl, keep the spunk!

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