Wednesday, July 23, 2008

9 to 5

Or Monday through Friday of being a "single" Mommy. You know, no reinforcements coming in at the end of the day. Just me and the kiddos all day and all night. This marks the second week of Tony working all week and it actually has not been that bad. I mean seriously I survived two deployments and loads of training activities, I can handle five days (and nights) with the kids...can't I?

Actually we are so busy right now that the days have been flying by. The kids seem to be handling it well. Hannah is such a busy body that I'm not even sure she realizes Daddy is gone half the time. She understands that he is working in Columbus where Riah-roo lives and that we will see him on the weekend. She also enjoys talking to him on the phone and telling him about the excitement of her day. Today it was feeding the horses carrots at Vacation Bible School a*k*a Arkfest.

Zander on the other hand doesn't really understand. In the morning, Daddy has been the one to get Zander up the past few weeks. So Wednesday of last week when I went to get Zander out of bed this is the conversation that we had:

Zand: "No Mommy! 'Ere's Daddy?" (Said in his sweet little baby voice with his hands in a shrug position.)
Me: "Daddy's at work, he'll be home on Friday, only two more days!"

That was the end of it he happily came to me. Then Daddy was home for the weekend and Zander was so happy to see him. Then Monday morning came and we had this conversation:

Zand: "No Mommy! 'Ere's Daddy?" (Said with same sweet voice and hands out in a shrug position.)
Me: "He had to go back to work baby, he'll"
Zand: Interrupting "No work!" (No more sweet voice.)

If only it was that simple sweetie. So, this weekend we are packing up and heading down to visit Daddy and spend a fun filled weekend looking at houses. I do not think it is going to be pretty. I have a pretty specific list and I'm not really willing to budge on most of it. So wish me some happy house hunting this weekend.

On another note, I think my son is a genius. No really he is! He is only 21 months old and has quite the extensive vocabulary. Not to mention he is saying short sentences. I started counting his words the other day and stopped at 60!!! 60 words, holy cow. I know that he says more than 60, I just stopped there because I felt like it could go on forever. So yah, he's a genius in the making. Of course Hannah is a genius as well. Didn't you know? My spawn, they are all geniuses!


Sarah and Matt said...

This is too cute. I was oh-ing and awing out loud at this one. Poor little guy misses his daddy. I'm glad you are all doing well. I'm sure it's never easy to have him gone, but I'm glad he's not too far and in a safe place!

Kim said...

Catie-as a single mom I can tell you-it is exhausting! So kudos to you for thinking the days are flying by-there are weekends where I am happy to send him off to day care by MOnday morning!

Also wanted to put my comment here about Hannah's b-day party-she is precious! She looked so pretty and I loved all the decorations!

Happy house hunting!