Friday, July 28, 2006

What's in a name?

One of the names that we like for a girl is Isabelle or Isabella. The problem is that we can't decide which way we like it better. Here is your chance to give us your opinion, just leave a comment saying which way you like it better. While you're at it, give us some middle names as well. Unfortunately the name that I liked, Grace, just doesn't sound right with our last name.

I was supposed to have my glucose test on Monday, but got to the doctor's office and they didn't have a battery that they needed for the machine. Here I was thinking it was some sort of special battery that they had to order, but after my appointment the doctor said to the receptionist, why didn't somebody just run out and buy one? Hello!!! You don't need a special battery?! Why didn't somebody run out and buy one? Get this the receptionist said that she offered, but the nurse told her not too. Apparently the nurse doesn't think my time is important enough to warrant somebody leaving the office. It's not that I was starving.....but I was pretty hungry. The main thing that bothered me was the inconvenience of it all. Tony will be in New Mexico next week, so I have to find a sitter again to come to our house (since the girl is still sleeping). The weird thing is that this just happened to my friend, only she was just 24 weeks and apparently you have to be over 24 weeks in order to get it done. So, what is with these doctors and the glucose test?


Molly said...


I love the name Isabella. Then you could call her "Bella" for cute! As for middle names, how about Isabella Marie Fries, after you? I think whatever middle name you pick should be 2 syllables...listen to me, I am an English teacher you know. :) Good luck with your decision!

Anonymous said...

Isabella in the bella sounds good don't you think? Actually I like them both so I am no help but as for middle names Isabell Ann Fries sounds good Isabella can't really think of any right now Isabella Cathy Fries, Isabella Janice, Isabella Julie, Isabella Cara, Isabella Tonya, Isabella Joy, Isabella Michelle, any of these ring a bell Ha Ha love ya

stephanie said...

i like bella, so my vote is isabella. as for the middle name, which goes against what molly says, i like elizabeth 222222 o0r rae. (apparently reece likes the middle name 222222)