Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Baby Spuds

Poor baby! It seems that in all of the commotion lately, I have not posted anything about my pregnancy. So here is a quick update:
Things are going good, as the days pass I am getting bigger and bigger. Not quite to the "Wow, look how big she is" stage, but past the "She looks like she's putting on a little weight" stage. I am feeling good right now aside from the constant heartburn I get every night. Why when it's getting close to time for me to sleep does the heartburn kick in? It's not like I sleep peacefully at night anyway, with the child using my bladder as a trampoline, but the heartburn is enough to through me over the edge. I can handle getting up every hour to pee, but toss in heartburn and I'm done!
The baby is moving all over the place now, I can't decide if spuds is trying to rearrange the furniture in there, or just having a good time poking me. Tony finally felt a kick a couple of nights ago. It seemed like before whenever the baby was moving around and I would tell him to feel it, the moving would instantly stop when he would put his hand on the belly. I love this part of the pregnancy, when the movements are noticeable and I'm not to the uncomfortable stage yet.
Hannah has started to kiss the baby now. She is so adorable, when asked where the baby is, she has to lift up my shirt and she always points to my belly button. I guess she thinks the baby is in that exact spot. Anyway, now when she is pointing she will sometimes kiss the baby, or just lay her head on my stomach like she is listening. Even though she does this, it is hard to say that she actually understands the meaning that the baby is eventually going to come out of mommy and live with us. I really think that she is too young to fully grasp the concept, but we talk about it anyway.
We did have our first ultrasound (finally) on June 26. I was a little disappointed with the tech that did our ultrasound. She was not a very friendly person, and lets face it when a couple is getting to see their baby for the first time, they do not want a sourpuss spoiling the moment. Most people would rather have someone with a bubbly personality that shows a little enthusiasm for their job. This lady did not even really take the time to let us look at the baby, she just went ahead with the measurements, saying simple phrases like "This is the foot." I know that I was spoiled with my ultrasound for Hannah, but come on we did not even get a profile picture!!!! Anyway, in case you are wondering, we did not find out the sex of the baby. Tempting as it was we stuck to our guns and told her we did not want to know. There was a slight abnormality on the ultrasound, there was some extra fluid around the cerebellum. I'm not really sure what that could mean, but the doctor did not seem to concerned. He said that if it was something major, he would expect to see more symptoms. Regardless, he wanted to get a second opinion, so we are going to have a level two scan done on July 20. As of right now, I am not worried about what it might or might not be. I figure why worry, when it won't change anything, and I know that I am not in control over this situation, but God is.
Anyway, since we do not know what we are having, I find it a little more difficult to pick out names. We have a couple that we like, but no middle names and nothing definate. I told hubs the other day that we needed to start getting serious about this whole name thing because before we know it time will run out. The other downside of not knowing is we can't buy a take-home outfit. I guess we could just buy two and return one!! Otherwise, I am looking forward to being in the delivery room, and hearing "It's a........."

PS I will post some ultrasound pics later, don't feel like scanning them right now 'cause it's time for bed! But, be warned, they are not the best....thanks to our wonderful tech.

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