Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Memorable Memorial Day

After being in Ohio for a little over a month, we are safely home and I am desperately behind in my blogs. The problem was that my family has dial-up and after being so spoiled with high-speed I could not force myself to stay on the computer any longer than necessary. Needless to say I am so far behind I will now be attempting to get caught up.
Starting with Memorial weekend. This is the weekend that it all started. We drove up to Ohio on Friday in order to attend a going away party for my brother who is leaving for Iraq. My extended family was having a little shindig at the local park complete with a cook out. Unfortunately, my daughter has no fear, so when my Aunt brought her little dog to the park she went right up to him and was petting him. All of the kids were playing with the dog and the dog is used to small children, so I was not really afraid for her. After about 15 minutes of the dog being there we were playing fetch with him, she reached down for the stick and the dog started biting her right in the face. At this point I was more concerned about my daughter then I was about the dog, so I reached down and scooped her up about the time that one of my Uncle's jumped over a picnic table to kick the dog out of the way. When I picked her up her face was just full of blood. I could not tell what had been bitten and what was just bloody. I yelled for my Mom and we took off toward the car, where my husband was so upset that he tore off the handle trying to open the door!! Anyway, the poor girl was so exhausted from all of the excitement of the day and having no nap that she fell asleep in my lap on the way there. I do not think that if I had just gotten bit in the face that I would be falling asleep, but anyway she did. We arrived at the ER and got assessed, the doc said the easiest thing to do would be to put her under in order to stitch her up, so we agreed. He also said it would take at least an hour for the sedation to wear off. Apparently he did not expect my little girl to be so strong, they gave her the sedation and she fell asleep, so I laid her on the table and left the room. My mom and husband stayed with her, but I did not think I wanted to witness this. The doc ended up having to give her four times the amount of sedative then originally planned because she was fighting it so bad. Then as soon as he was done she rolled over into my mom's arms and was awake. Overall she needed eight stitches, seven in her nose and one in the corner of her mouth. What a traumatic welcome to Ohio she had.
That's not all though, they kept the stitches in for five days and she was on an antibiotic since dogs mouths are so dirty. We went to get her stitches out on Thursday, then on Friday night she started vomiting. The first time ever for her being sick. The poor little thing. She could not keep anything down, we would give her just a tiny sip of water and five minutes later out it would come. How are you supposed to keep a baby hydrated that can't keep anything down? By Saturday it had turned into diarrhea, and Sunday (the day of my sister's graduation) she just simply had a high fever. We thought she was getting over it, so I sent her to my Aunt's house and I went to the graduation. Shortly after we got home she was vomiting again. By Monday the poor thing was so lethargic we decided to take her to the ER to get some fluids pumped in her. They put two boluses into her, which I think they said was like two bags for an adult, and she still had a dry diaper so they admitted her. Let me just tell you that I was not too pleased with the service, since we got there at seven and did not make it up to the floor until after midnight. The poor baby just wanted to go to sleep. Once we were on the floor, she slept until the next morning at about 6:30 and she still had a dry diaper! Finally at 7:30 she had a wet diaper and by 2:00 we were on our way home. She was still not herself, she didn't start getting life back into her until Thursday and boy were we glad to see her strutting around the house singing and dancing again.
Thankfully the rest of our trip was uneventful, but I will update more on that later!

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mamalife said...

How frightening and awful. My girl had the same vomitting/ dehydration bug and got admitted for a few days last February. No fun. I'm glad she is feeling better.