Friday, July 28, 2006

24 Month Stats

Hannah had her 24 month check-up on Tuesday of this week. Not much to tell, she did get her iron level checked, which means finger prick. It is so funny to watch the nurses react to her. Since she is used to getting poked every night, she doesn't get upset for the little finger prick. The nurses, who are probably used to wrestling little kids to get them to sit still, are always so amazed by the fact that she just sits there and gives them funny looks. Then comes the band-aid saga. She hates to have band-aids on her fingers, she will not leave it alone until she gets the thing off. Put a band-aid on her leg, she'll leave it there all day. Don't know what it is. Anyway here are her stats:

Wt. 25.9 pounds, which was 25%
Ht. 30 inches, which was 3%

She is in her "big girl" bed now. We converted her crib to a toddler bed, by convert I mean we took off the front rail (pretty difficult). Anyway, we got her some "big girl" Dora sheets and she loves them. Unfortunately she is a bit of a roller and rolled out of bed twice the first night before I decided to put the rail back on. We went out to Wal-Mart and bought a little mesh rail, that says in big letters NOT FOR USE ON TODDLER BEDS. Doesn't say why though, so we broke the rule and are using it. It has been over a week and she is doing great with it. She still gets excited to see her sheets. Now if we could just convince her to get rid of the paci and use the potty. For the potty, I'm thinking buying "big girl" Dora undies will do the trick, but not sure about the paci. Whenever I talk to her about getting rid of it she says no. Any suggestions?


Renee said...

That is so great that you found sheets she likes, what a good idea. I'll have to steal that one someday. As for the paci, i've heard of people "mailing" them away to a baby that they are fond of, so you say "the baby needs these now, so lets send them to him/her". So if she has a baby that she loves in the family, or maybe it would work telling her to give them to her little sibling someday. I also had a pediatric dentist tell me that you could cut little tiny slits into the paci, one each day, and by the time the week is over they won't like the feel of it anymore. Just some ideas!

Stephanie said...

I think dora panties are a great idea. i know it worked for!! about the paci, or the popper as people in tennessee call it, i saw on amercia's funniest videos, where they hooked it to a hot air balloon and had a fairwell paci party. the reason it made it to the show was because it got stuck in the tree and the kid just kept pointing and saying bye bye. so one tip, don't do it by trees :)