Friday, July 14, 2006


Today marks the day that we got married FIVE years ago. I can hardly believe that it has already been five years....although on some days it seems much, much longer than that. Time has changed us each...mainly our bodies, we are not the young kids we were back then. One of us has thinning hair, the other thickened hips!! We have also grown up together, though sometimes I wonder when you will mature. I have watched you become a father and it is so amazing to see you with our little girl. She truly holds your heart in her tiny little hands and that makes me love you all the more. Though we have both changed, our love has remained constant. I have posted a couple of pictures to give us a walk down memory lane, remember when we were so young and in love? I love you Anthony, happy anniversary my love. Here is to many more happy years to come!!
These are two of my favorite pictures from our wedding day. The top one was a candid shot taken by my step-mom. It was in between poses after the ceremony where we were stealing a moment for ourselves. The bottom is our first dance, and I could not get it out of the wedding album so I had to scan the entire page. Thus, the cruddy cropping job! I just think it is such a beautiful picture with the light behind us and the way we are looking into each others eyes.

Even though it is a "big" anniversary, we aren't doing anything too special. With me being pregnant and him already using up a bunch of vacation on weddings this summer, we are probably just doing dinner and a movie. We might splurge and do a dinner cruise, but we do not have reservations so we'll see. I guess we'll have to wait until the next "big" one to do something a little more special, oh well. All that matters is that we have made it this far, and are continuing to grow together as time passes.


mamalife said...

Happy 5th anniversary (yea to 5th anniversaries in July) ... maybe for the next big one, you too can go to the "Dora Hotel"!

mamalife said...

p.s. - your mom should be a professional photographer, that picture she took is AMAZING!

Molly said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you enjoyed your evening out together. Love ya!