Sunday, July 09, 2006

Birthday Girl

Hannah 1 day old.

Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet Hannah!!! It is hard to believe that you are two already. It sems like such a short time ago that you were the baby in my tummy, and now you are my big girl! There are so many wonderful things that I want to remember about you when you are older, so I have written a few of them down.
Like how you love to sing and dance. You will make up your own music and dance around the room humming your new song. Your favorite thing is to climb up onto the fireplace and use that as your stage to dance on. Just a couple of weeks ago when we were visiting Grammy and Po's house, there was a bullfrog croaking. You found him to be very musical and started dancing to his rythm. You're favorite song right now is "Bear is Now Asleep" by the Wiggles, although the ABC song comes in a close second. You do change the words though and sing "Daddy's now asleep. Sshh, shhh, shhh." In the car you love to listen to Veggie Tunes.
Speaking of ABC's, you love to read your Pooh's ABC book and often ask for it by name saying "ABC's, ABC's!!" You are also learning to count right now. So far you have two and three down, but you often forget to say one.
Hannah 1 yr old
You are exploring the world and on your way to be a big girl. Often times you will try and dress yourself and end up with a shirt half on, or you will be wearing Mommy's shoes because you just couldn't get yours on. Jewelry is simply a must for you, wearing beads is your favorite and I often find you getting into the bottom drawer of my jewelry chest. Luckily you haven't figured out that is where I keep the stuff you are aloud to have and not my good stuff!
Your favorite movie is Lion King 1 1 /2, though you also love Dora and Elmo. I think that Elmo is close to being your favorite because you carry your Elmo doll all through the house. Just last night as we were doing our potty lesson, you had to involve Elmo. Problem was you put Elmo on your potty then squatted and started to potty on the floor!!
We love you so much and we are amazed at how much love and joy you bring to us. Hannah Taylor we are so thankful that God gave us such a special gift when he gave us you. Your personality is so bubbly, you are so fun to just watch. I hope as the years pass, you will understand how much we love you. Happy Birthday Tater-tots.

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