Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Something to cry about

OUCH!!! Poor little Zander-doodle! We had a serious high chair malfunction last night and it was not pretty. We were eating dinner at my in-laws and we had just sat down for dinner with the colonel. Zander started to squirm and the highchair seat flipped forward (out of the base) and he smacked his face on the table and flipped him completely upside down. Hubby flipped the seat back up and his face was just covered in blood.

It took a while to clean him up and calm him down, but it was not that bad. Of course I was the one wearing most of the blood. We (and by we I mean me) decided to take him to the ER just to make sure everything was ok. He thankfully did not need any stitches, and we were out of the ER in under a half an hour!!!
Apparently over time the screws came loose (although my in-laws have had that chair less than a year) and his wiggling was enough to cause an imbalance in weight. We were blessed that it was nothing more than a bloodied up lip. He hit the table so hard and it could have been much worse, like a broken nose, if he would have been positioned slightly different. Even though it was scary, he was back to his busy little self by the time we got back from the ER. That boy is one tough kid.


How Life Is Measured said...

Oh no! Poor Zander! I hope he's doing better. Are you going to LPA convention?

Jennifer said...

Oh Alexander! Ouchie. So glad it wasn't worse. That's scary!