Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mudder's Day

I hope that everyone had a wonderful mother's day or mudder's day according to Tater! Were you all pampered with breakfast in bed, no housework and no dirty diapers? No? Well me either! What is that about? We should all be royalty for the day! Seriously though, it was a great mother's day. Time spent with family and an amazing gift for a day at the spa as well as a beautiful gift picked out by the Tater herself!

However, as I was thinking about mother's day I started thinking about all of the mother's that don't get acknowledge and/or women who find mother's day to be extremely hard. What about the first mom's, who chose (or we coerced) into placing their baby with another family. Or those women who long to hold a baby in their arms, and can't conceive. Those of us with are complete family can rejoice this weekend because we are complete!

For others everything about this past weekend (and week building up to it) have been extremely hard. Another reminder of what they are missing. Everywhere you turn it is another commercial, ad or program reminding us that mother's day is upon us and we should honor mom with that something special gift. Can you just imagine being reminded at every turn just what you are missing? I can't even begin to fathom the pain.

On this mother's day, I would like to honor those women. Give them the acknowledgement that they deserve. So, to all those women whose arms are empty...there is not much that can be said to ease your sorrow, but I would still like to acknowledge you. Hopefully, someday soon you will be able to fill your empty arms. Happy first-mom's day, to all first moms! If I were a Hallmark card creator, I would make a card just for you.

Now for a little humor: check out this song.


Kim said...

Catie, What a nice heartfelt post. So sincere. Hope you had a great Mommy's Day!

Anonymous said...

This was so sweet and so sad. I hate knowing my friends are having trouble conceiving and it was so thoughtful of you to think of them :)