Friday, August 25, 2006

Sunny Days, Chasing the Clouds Away

This past week we took a little road trip, ok it was more of a big road trip. A lot of driving was involved. Driving in the car with a two year old, well it' We first drove to my parents house in OH to drop our daughter off for two days while we went to a wedding in Cleveland. My good friend got married and had a beautiful wedding. It was quite unique, her husband is from Ethiopia, they met when she was on a missions trip however he was attending college in the US at the time. Anyway, for the rehearsal, all of us women were dressed in authentic ethiopian garb. Pretty cool. The dinner took place at an Ethiopian restaurant in Cleveland where we got to sample different types of foods and partake in different traditions.
My pictures got mixed up, so the wedding picture is down below!! During the ceremony the bride and groom recited their vows in English and Amharic (not sure on the spelling). There was also some readings in Amharic as well as the singing of the Lords Prayer. Overall it was a wonderful experience and I wish Nicole and Mesfin the best of luck! Look below to see me in my big melon dress!
After the wedding we drove to Philadelphia to take Hannah to the Sesame Place park. Overall I think that she had a great time. She was a little overwhelmed at first, she wanted to run everywhere and see everything all at once. She also did not understand the concept of lines. She thought that she should be able to run right up and hug Ernie and Bert, and was quite upset when we told her she couldn't. The same happened with the rides. She did not like to wait in line and was quite upset when her turn was over and she had to get off. That part was not fun for Mommy and Daddy!! If you notice in the picture she is crying, that is because it is after four, she is extremely tired and still wants to run around. I think that she was asleep by the time we pulled out of the parking lot. The park was fairly small and very crowded. We decided that it would not have been worth the money if we had to pay to get in. Maybe when she's older. Unfortunately, most of our pictures were taken on a water camera, so we'll have to wait until they are developed before we can post happy toddler at the theme park!

Here is big old prego mama! Thankfully back home where we now need a vacation from our vacation. I am a little worried though because I think that was our last long car trip with just one child. I can't imagine what it will be like driving up with two. YIKES!

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