Monday, August 28, 2006

Oh, to be free!

Recently we have started introducing Tater to potty training. Nothing to serious because I know that she is not quite ready yet, however I wanted to get the ball rolling per say. So far she loves to wear the big girl undies. In fact her favorite thing is to run around diaper free. Oh to be free, to her is such a joyous thing. Thankfully, she can't quite get her diaper off on her own without a twenty minute struggle, so usually it stays on. There are times though when we are sitting on the toilet that she will get up and run around. As soon as I tell her it's time to put our pants back on, she looks at me and says "Mommy, I potty." Then has to sit on the potty for another ten minutes. Unfortunately, she hasn't quite figured out that the potty actually is for her to go in. Case in point, two nights ago right before her bath I put her on the potty...nothing. So while I was getting her bath ready I let her run around sans diaper. After her bath we usually let her run around and air dry for a bit before forcing the diaper back on her. She decided it would be a good time to color on the floor with Daddy. I asked her to sit on the potty, she said no, so I dropped it. Not even five seconds later she had an accident on the floor. As I was cleaning it up, I took the paper towels out to the trash and smelled a really awful smell. Where is that coming from? Does our garbage smell that bad? So I flipped on the light and followed my nose over to her kitchen set where I found a nice Hannah sized terd next to her stove. OH. MY. GOSH! Is what I proclaimed and what do you think was Hubby's answer? He responded with a "What did she poop on the floor?" How did he know that? He says he did not know it but smelled the smell himself and gauged my reaction as to what it was. He also went on to clean it up in order to prove that he did not know that it was there. What a guy!
Point of the story, even though Hannah loves to be "free", I told Hubby that there will be no more running of the house without proper attire. At least until she gets a little bit better at this potty training thing.

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Steph said...

I can't wait for the day I get to pick up a Reece turd in the house. Who knows, maybe Reece and Eddie can poop side by! You'll have to give me some pointers for the potty training days.