Saturday, August 05, 2006

Butterfly Kisses

Remember that song? The one that got overplayed on the radio and was heard at every wedding during the same era? I can't specifically remember when it came out, but I remember thinking it was pretty at first, then overplayed and not really understanding the lyrics. Although I am starting to understand them now. There is just something about a little girl and her daddy. It seems that Potato is really missing hers right now. Yesterday morning while I was getting her breakfast, she put on daddy's beach hat. This is the conversation that followed:
Her: See Mommy, Daddy's hat?
Me: Yes Hannah, you are wearing Daddy's hat.
Her: See Mommy, Daddy's hat?
Me: Yes Hannah, you look so cute with Daddy's hat on.
Her: See Mommy, Daddy's hat?
Me: Yes Hannah, I see.
Her: See Mommy, Daddy's hat?
Me: Yes Hannah.
Her: See Mommy, Daddy's hat?
Me: I see.
Her: See Mommy, Daddy's hat?
Me: Here is your breakfast, let's take the hat off now.
Fast forward through the day to late afternoon, the Tater finds Daddy's tennis shoes, slips them on and is tromping through the living room.
Her: See Mommy, Daddy's shoes?
Me: Yes Hannah, you look pretty silly in Daddy's shoes?
Her: See Mommy, Daddy's shoes?
Me: I see, aren't they a little big for your tootsies?
You can see where I'm going with this. Almost the same conversation that we had at breakfast. Now, fastforward to late evening. Hannah finds one of Daddy's t-shirts and puts it on. She looks pretty cute. Thankfully this time instead of the See Mommy conversation, she danced around the living room singing her own song. It went something like this: Daddy's shirt. Hmm, hmm, hmm. Daddy's shirt, Hmm, hmm, hmm. (Repeat over and over again) Then right before bed we had this exchange:
Me: Let's get ready for bed.
Her: No Mommy. (Takes my hand and leads me to the front door, all the while mumbling
Me: Hannah, what do you want?
Her: (Pointing to the door) Daddy?
That just about broke my heart!!!! I scooped her up, snuggled her close and reminded her that Daddy was evil. Just kidding, what kind of person do you take me for? I reminded her that Daddy had to go away on work and that we only had 7 more days to go.
On a different note. It seems that even the dog is sensitive to my hormonal pregnant needs. This morning at around 5:30 I was roused by the fresh aroma of dog dookie. That's right, the dog knows how hard it is for me to get comfortable and go to sleep, so he didn't want to wake me up to take him outside. Instead he thought he would just go and then try to hide the evidence. That's right, not only did he poop on the floor, but then he began to eat it. Luckily, the smell woke me up right away so he didn't have the chance to eat much. Crazy dog had to serve hard time for that one, I think his sentence is going to carry over for the next couple of nights. The problem is that the dog has been driving me insane. He's not so bad during the day, it's the evening that he begins to act obnoxious. About the time that Tony should be home he starts going to the door and whining like he needs to go out. So, I take him out (because we don't have a fence and he has a tendency to run off) only he doesn't go. He doesn't even attempt to go, he just kind of stands there and looks around. So, I walk him around the yard a bit and then take him back in. An hour later, he does the same thing. I'm paranoid, because we had a diarrhea incident a few weeks ago, that if I don't take him out he will have an accident and I will have to clean it. So, at first I was taking him out every time. Then I started yelling at him to go lay down, that didn't work. So, finally by day 3 I just put him in his cage for an hour or so. Regardless, last night when I took him out before bed he didn't go. I wasn't too worried because he did his duty that morning. I guess I was wrong! Nothing like waking up to that wonderful smell, thank you Dudley.

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