Thursday, February 02, 2006

Those darn teeth!!!!!!

Ok, so now we are into the bad stage of the teething process. Hannah woke up FOUR times last night, do to a combination of stuffy nose and sheer pain. Let me just tell you how my night went. The first time it was not so bad, (I am rather spoiled because she always sleeps straight through until about nine the next morning) I jumped out of bed to rush to her. Gave her a little TLC and put her back to bed. The second time happened at 2:00, I did not jump out of bed this time. I gave her a little time to see if she would fall back to sleep on her own. When she didn't I stumbled into her room, and found a wide awake cranky little girl. I took her to the kitchen to get some milk and some medicine, laid her on the couch and snuggled her. I was hoping she would settle right down. Nope, she thought it would be fun to run around and play. Mind you the lights were not on. At a 2:45 I had her settled down enough to go back to bed. Only to be woken up at 3:30, this time I waited and my husband said "Babe Hannah is crying." No kidding huh, so if you are awake enough to say that Hannah is crying, why don't you go get her? So this time I stomped in there, picked her up and as she pointed to the door, told her no it is time to sleep. She then started throwing a huge tantrum, so I placed her back into her crib and went back to the bedroom. Only to find my husband standing in the doorway, "Did you even pick her up and comfort her?" Well if you're that worried about it, why didn't you go check on her? But what I really said was yes and she's fine. So that you don't think that I am the worst mom in the world, after about two minutes of crying she was back to sleep. The fourth time, I let her cry it out. Bad, I know, but she went right back to sleep that way. As I said it was not a pleasant night. Not only that but, she also has developed a rather red bottom. So my poor (usually sweet) baby has been rather cranky all day.
In other news, I decided I was tired of not feeling good about myself, so I decided to do something about it. I went to a gym last night after finding a free thirty day membership online. The only downfall is that it is such a drive. It would be one thing, if I was going there to meet somebody, but I'm not. I drive all the way there to work out by myself. At least in Ohio I had the privilege of chatting with one of my best friends while working out. However, it is ladies only which I was looking for, and it's the only one within 70 miles so I need to make it work.
My sweet hubby is finishing up supper, while tater-tots is "mixing" some flour in a bowl on the floor. I decided it would be easier to clean that up later then try to fight her while I started supper. That was 15 minutes ago and my hubby just hollered that she got flour all over the floor, so I better go:)


mamalife said...

Um, I think hubby needs to clean up the flour instead of yelling for you. Men... hmmmmmppppffff!!!!

CMF said...

You would think that he would....but it sat there until 10:00 when I finally got Hannah to sleep and had a chance to do it! Like you said HMMMMMPPPPPFFFFF!!!!!