Thursday, February 23, 2006

How embarrassing!

Yesterday was my first doctors appointment. Although I'm not sure if it should be called a doctors appointment, since I didn't actually see the doctor. What I did do was meet the OB nurse, who proceeded to ask me a thousand questions about my family history. She even asked me if I had any cravings to eat any non-food items! As a matter of fact yes, I have been craving some dirt all day long. Next up, the lab. I do not do good when it comes to having my blood drawn, and I did not realize that I was going to get my blood drawn. Otherwise my hubby would have been there holding my hand instead of sitting out in the car keeping Tater entertained. Anyway, I sit down in the dreaded chair, trying to keep my mind off of what is going on and making mindless chatter about how old my daughter is and what she does these days. When the nurse proceeds to tell me that I am halfway there and my blood is flowing good. What!!! Why did you have to remind me of what was going on?! From there it just went downhill. I started feeling woozy, I got really hot and then, oh yes, the world started to get black and my ears weren't allowing me to hear. Let me just say that I did not actually pass out, but I was this close to hitting the floor. They brought in a little bench for me to lay down on, put ice on my neck and made me drink some water. Oh the fun of getting blood drawn! After a few minutes I was fine, but absolutely mortified that I can't get my blood drawn without almost fainting! Thanks a lot DAD! Anyway, after my little episode I met with the insurance gal, who thankfully told me that my insurance would pay for everything! Woo-hoo. I was a little worried because they sent me off base since I had a c-section with Hannah and wanted to try VBAC this time. When I got my referral letter it said some crap about maybe having to pay cost share. So, I was dreading the fact that I might actually have to have another c-section back on base, but thankfully my insurance pulled through for me!!!

Hannah has two of the four canine teeth poking through. She has been so miserable the past couple of days that we've been letting her run all over us. Not a good thing. She has quickly mastered the art of throwing a tantrum just to get another pack of fruit snacks, or to get to watch more Dora videos. I do not know what we are going to do with this one, she is quite the tantrum thrower! Of course my husband doesn't mind, as he confided in me that he loves to spoil her. Well, I love to spoil her too, but that doesn't mean that we should let her turn into a little hoodlum! So, we are going to try to fight the little tantrum thrower, although it is hard when you know they are in pain. We'll see how it goes.


Renee and Julia said...

Wow! Congrats! We are so happy for you all. Let us know the details, due date, etc!

mamalife said...

My girl is a Dora addict also. She would wake up at 3am in the hospital and point to the TV! I'd tell her "No, Dora is sleeping, her mommy told her it was time to go to bed." First thing at the crack of dawn it was all Dora all day. We decided we'd cut her slack this weekend, but come Monday we are sending her to a 12-step Dora addiction program!

Steph said...

don't worry, fainting happens to the best of us. just be happy mindy m wasn't there to kick you in the head onthe way anyways, congrats on the news, even though i already told you over the phone. and happy belated birthday!!! i realized a little too late that i never actually called you on your birthday. it was just the conversation in my head :) hope it was great at the bingo hall.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know you at least inherited something from me, even though it's the blood thing, boy can I relate to that one! Glad everything is ok and insurance covers everything!!!

Love you guys!