Sunday, February 12, 2006

Birthday Weekend

What a weekend! I was a little sad to be away from my family on my birthday. (I have been lucky enough to be home the last couple.) For one thing I knew I probably would not be getting a cake. To my surprise, my Mom ordered me a cookie cake and had it sent to me!!! Yum, it was so good (yes it is gone already)! Friday night I played Bingo with a friend. That's right, we invaded the elderly at the local church and played bingo! It was a lot of fun, but neither of us won. Saturday was my birthday and unfortunately I spent most of the day tearing down wallpaper. Not much fun, but with my Dad coming into town on Wednesday to help paint, it had to get done. Saturday evening, Tony and I went out to ourselves! Such fun to get dressed up, drive an hour to eat at a nice restaurant and not have to worry about keeping the little one entertained throughout the entire experience! Hannah had fun with her babysitters and by the time we got home she was already in bed. Sunday: more wallpaper stripping! The wonderful people that lived here before us put the wallpaper straight up on the drywall....sooo it is not coming off that easily. But, I am almost done, just a couple of little spots and I'll be done.

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mamalife said...

Happy Birthday! Cookie cakes are a beautiful thing. Dinners out alone with hubby are a beautiful thing. Stripping wallpaper - ugh - NOT a beautiful thing! Hope the end results are worth all the work!