Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Say Cheese

Hannah had her first act of graffiti on Saturday. Hubby was taking a test online and I was busy sorting her 18 month pictures out when the art took place. I was sitting at the table in the kitchen and Hannah was just singing away and dancing around, so I was not paying that close of attention to her. I looked over and saw her standing by the wall but did not think anything of it. Soon she was right behind me at the dishwasher, and when I looked up I noticed that she held a tiny piece of crayon in her hand. Now mind you this is the girl who will put two scribbles on her coloring page and be done, but she had just scribbled all over the dishwasher and the wall. I just laughed and went and got hubby and told him he had to come see this. He came out and said that we should take a picture of her first act of graffiti. Now this is the cute part, when I held up the camera to take a picture of her she surprised me by saying "CHEEEESE!" Since then I have tried on several occasions to take her picture so that she will say it again and she will not. I think that she knew she did something wrong so she had to throw the cute factor in. Regardless, I have realized that I need to keep a closer eye on the Tater from now on!

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