Saturday, January 21, 2006

Things That Would Never Get Done

This morning I woke up at 5:30 and could not fall back asleep. I was totally energized so rather than fight it, I decided to get up and get some stuff done. As I was picking up the left over toys from last night I started thinking. Thinking about all of the stuff that would never get done if I didn't do it. Such as:

1. The Laundry. And this includes, picking up the dirty laundry off the floor. I hate doing laundry, but if I didn't do it, it would pile up endlessly and my husband would be forced to go out and buy new clothes.

2. Pick up my daughter's toys

3. Put garbage into the trash bag. I know that one sounds weird, but I am constantly throwing cans, paperplates, empty food boxes etc. into the trash bag.

4. The dishes. All though I am quite lucky in this aspect, if I let them sit for I don't know 3-4 days my husband will usually get tired of looking at them and throw them into the dishwasher. *Thank you Tony, for doing the dishes today:)

5. Get Everything ready to go. It never fails if we are going somewhere that I not only have to get myself ready, but I also have to get my daughter ready, get the diaper bag ready, and remind my husband to put the dog away.

I do have to say that my husband will help out around here if I ask him too, it just seems that he is blind to the fact that there are toys thrown all over the floor, junk on the counters etc. I also feel the need to say that he is the one that more often than not cooks dinner. Thank you Tony for everything that you do!!! Including working so that I can stay home with the Tater!!!!

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