Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Here fishy, fishy

We bought Hannah some fish shortly after Christmas (thanks to Drampa, and Dramma A) and she just loves looking at those fish. Unfortunately she also loves trying to play with those fish. We have scolded her countless times to stay out of the fish tank, but the second she is alone with those fish it is inevitable that something will end up in the tank. So far the stuff that she has dropped in has been harmless (a wiggles DVD, an ID card, and the light bulb on a couple different occasions) but I am just waiting for the day when something valuable gets dropped in there like say a cell phone! We keep talking about getting a stand for the darn thing, but we just have not gotten around to do it. I suppose it is going to take something getting ruined before we actually put it up on the stand. But here is the thing, we bought the tank for Hannah, if we put it up on a stand she won't be able to enjoy it! I have some adorable pictures of Hannah looking in the fish tank, but Daddy and Hannah are at the park right now with the camera, so I will have to upload them later. I promise I will!

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