Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Spare Key Anyone

As I was letting the dog out the other day... Unfortunately we do not have a fence, so in order to let our dog out we have to actually walk the dog outside to his chain. Anyway, as I stepped onto the porch I heard the sudden click of the door shutting behind me. You see Hannah is in a stage right now where she loves shutting doors. Not a big deal except that if our front door is locked when you open it from the inside it remains....LOCKED!!! Hannah locked me out of the house! Sheer panick erupted as soon as I realized what had happened. Tony was out watching the playoff game and I had no idea when he would be home, and of course I didn't have my cell phone on me. Hannah on the other hand, was inside just laughing and carrying on. Ha ha Mommy I shut you out. All these different scenerios were running through my head, you know all of the crazy paranoia things that only a mom would come up with. Then ding the little light bulb came on over my head. On Saturday Tony was working in the backyard meaning that the back door might still be unlocked. I ran around back in the dark of the night not even worrying if a snake or spider was lurking....Thank the Lord the door was unlocked. After letting myself in I found my daughter still laughing at the front door waiting for me to pop back in. Little did she know what actually could have happened.

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