Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Whole Hand

I know I start out every birthday post lamenting the fact that I cannot believe how old my "baby" is, but it is so true. How can my girl be 5 already?! It is unreal. Where does the time go? Which is funny to say because there are days that literally drag on and I am ready to pull my hair out by bedtime. However, the next thing I know another year has passed.

Things I want to remember from the past year:
You are still such a swimmer! You love the water and if it were up to you, you would swim every day all day! You have recently began swimming under water. I think maybe we should invest in swim lessons for you.

You are also so social. You love to play with your "friends" and cousins. In fact in the mornings I will often find you looking out our front window to see if any of your friends are outside. As soon as you spot one, you get so excited and beg to go outside.

You still love to sing and dance. In fact when we say your bedtime prayers it is usually done in form of a song! You just make up your own beat and dance to it. I love how you are constantly dancing or singing. We are hoping to find you a dance class this fall so that you can continue to do what you love.

You have started not only dressing yourself, but picking out what you want to wear. You come up with some crazy outfits! They do not always match, but to you they do! One day you wore two totally different patterns that both had flowers on them. Your reasoning was that you were going to be a flower girl, so you needed to wear flowers! You also almost always have some sort of scarf or headband as an accessory. For this reason, some people think you are going to be a fashion designer when you grow up.

One of your greatest loves is dogs. You have never taken an interest in playing with dolls, but you have so many stuffed dogs that you LOVE to play with. You just love Fuzzy Bones and all of the neighbors dogs. You are so gentle with them and loving. It still surprises me that you never had a fear of dogs even after you got bit. I know that I have a major fear now. I always have to stop you when we "meet" a new dog because you just want to get right down there and give them hugs and let them kiss you. It makes me so nervous! Sometimes when we are outside playing with the neighbors, you will ignore all of the kids and hang out with the neighbor's dog Clyde for awhile. Many people think you are going to be a veterinarian one day.

It is so amazing to see how much you have grown and changed over this year. You are my baby girl, and yet you are getting older right before my eyes. Often times you tell me that you do not want to get married. When asked why, you will respond that you want to stay with Mommy forever. Which is perfectly fine by me. You are such a strong, stubborn, spunky girl. I know God has some big plans for you. Really, it doesn't matter what you decide to become one day as long as you are happy.

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Your Mommy

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