Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lose the Loose

Hannah's tooth has been loose for weeks upon weeks. For a little girl who is anxious to lose her first tooth, it seemed like it had been loose FOREVER! The following is how it finally came out. I took a million pictures of this event, but luckily enough for you I narrowed it down to just four.

One night fresh from a bath, Hannah told Daddy that her tooth was really, really loose. So we all gathered around her as Daddy tortured her tried to pull her tooth.
She was a little bit scared, so she held Mommy's hand. She was worried that it was going to hurt even though that little tooth was only hanging on by a thread.

Daddy's big fingers had a hard time grabbing that tiny little baby tooth. So eventually we called it a night. The next day (August 26) while sitting at the table with Hannah I asked her if I could wiggle her tooth. I twisted it one time and out it came.

She was so excited to finally lose the tooth that had been loose for so LONG. The end.