Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mean is My Middle Name

A few weeks ago we had a light dusting of snow. Hannah begged me to let her go out and play. Being new to the city life, I was a little nervous about letting her go out by herself and I really did not want to go out. However, I agreed and watched her from the doors. Alex soon figured out what was going on and REALLY wanted to go out with Sissy. That is where I drew the line. There was no way that I could trust him to be out there without an adult. He however found this unreasonable. He soon found his hat and an old pair of gloves and put them on.

He stood at the door, alternating between watching Sissy and crying. Soon, he had enough and went upstairs to play. At least I thought that was what he was doing.

Not long after he went up, he came down with his pants. I'm sure he was thinking seriously Mommy! I got my hat, gloves and now my pants just let me go outside already!! (Side note, I am amazed that he managed to go upstairs, open his drawer, get out some pants and come back downstairs all the while leaving his mittens ON.)

PLEASE oh PLEASE can I go outside? See here are my pants!

Really, enough of this picture taking. Please just let me go outside and play with Sissy. Finally Daddy felt bad and took him out to play, in a t-shirt because he is cool like that.

All the while, I stayed nice and toasty warm in the house.


Kim said...

That is so funny! What a smart cookie that he went all the way upsatirs on a mission for his pants! He is too funny! And super cute too!

Melisa said...

That is just the cutest. Kids do the darndest things to get what they want.

Caden and Mommy said...

I'm so glad Alex got to go outside and play afterall. Those pictures are too priceless ... what an effort to go find the pants himself, too cute!

Destini said...

Classic! I am amazed that he got the second mitten on - its hard when your other hand is all mittened up! Way to go on getting to stay inside - I would have been out there in my camoflage coveralls - I don't look pretty, but I am toasty warm!

Greene Family said...

That is too cute! Such an effort to go outside to play! :) I'm glad that he got to go out in the end!