Friday, January 02, 2009

From the front porch looking in

Here is a partial tour of our:

Here is the view from the front door looking upstairs.

A view from the front door looking in. On the left is the half bath, the right is a closet, entry to garage and basement. Of course looking straight is the eat-in area.

The front room, with the red wall, is currently empty (for the most part). So I won't show many pictures of that just yet. However, here is Tater showing off her new scooter.
And here is the shrine that hubs built of himself. LOL!
Here is a view of the kitchen and eat-in area. There are two closets to the left. The door that is visible is the pantry, and to the left of that is another one (you can kind of see the bottom of it) which we are using for storage.
Here is a closer view of my beautiful new appliances. Speaking of which does anybody have any good tricks on how to keep stainless looking good? I have noticed it shows a lot of smudges and fingerprints. Also, the crockpot holds supper....taco soup, yummy!

The eat-in area leads into the living room. The living room holds the floor that we replaced.

Here is a closer look at the fireplace. I just love having fires in the evening, so cozy and warm!

We have not even begun to decorate yet. We just hung up pictures yesterday, and now I need to do some shopping for the actual decorating. Any suggestions on what to fill my empty front room with? Or what would look good hanging on the green wall? Our what color to accent that room with? What I really need is a decorator to come and help me.


Jaime said...

The house looks great! What I wouldn't do for a bigger house - ours is 1200 sq ft. Someday! Hope that you are settling in and enjoying yourselves! Happy New Year!

Alex said...

I like your new home! It loos so cozy!
As for decorations, plants always work! :)

Sarah said...

I love your house!! How fun!! We moved in a little over 2 years ago and still don't have pictures on the walls. I think we have a total of 5 pictures in our whole house!! And no paint yet other then the kids rooms. It's so hard to find the time and the money to decorate too. I hope you enjoy the new home. It really looks beautiful. Can't wait to see pics of what you do in the other room. Sorry I can't give suggestions I suck at that stuff!!

Kim said...

Great home! i wish you nothing but health and happiness as you begin making memories in your new home! Your kitchen is awesome. As far as stainless steel-soap and water will do-but it is a forever chore!

Greene Family said...

Your new home is beautiful!! For the stainless steel, we use "Stainless Steel Magic" polish. I only use it every couple of months though because you rub it on the surface, let it sit a few minutes, and then wipe it back off. So, between using that, I use foam window cleaner on it. The polish is good with keeping little Simon prints off, but not so much the window cleaner.

Melisa said...

I stubled across your blog. I want to add you to my blog if you don't mind.

Melisa said...

Great looking house by the way