Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Are You Sick of This Yet?

If not, then I'm sure you will be after this post! I am a bit excited about this room because it is Zander's first REAL room. So, I took a lot of pictures. Mainly all of the pictures are for the grandparents so that they can see all of the details of Zander's room.

First, I want to give you the back story. When Zander was born we were living in NC in a smaller house. At the time I wanted itty-bitty Zander to be in our room, so he slept in a cradle in our room. Then Tony left for Iraq and we moved up to OH where the kids and I shared a room at my Mom's house (crazy I know). When Tony got home and we moved back to NC Zander got into his "own room." However his room was also the office and by this time we knew we would be moving soon so we did not decorate his room at all. However, for Christmas, his grandparents bought him a bunch of jungle decor for his room. Then we moved to OH and again we knew where we were staying was not a permanent place so we did not decorate. Finally, we moved and my two year old "baby" gets his first room! So, even though I kind of wanted to do something a little more grown-up, we already had all of the stuff for a jungle room. It doesn't matter because he really loves his animals.

Without further ado, here is his room:
The brown is not showing up as the actual color. It is more of a chocolate brown and not so much orange. Here is a close-up shot of his giraffe:
Close-up of elephant:
Close-up of zebra and dresser with the vine that hubs hung. (I'm not sure how I feel about it yet):
Monkey and window:

His toy box:

View from other side of the room:

From the other corner:
Hey, wait a minute! Who snuck into the shot. We better take a closer look:

What a ham!


Jaime said...

What a cute looking room! I love the colors and the pictures of the animals on the walls! Are those decals for the walls or are they painted on? I love seeing how kids rooms are decorated!

Danielle said...

I love it! What great colors...I love seeing pics of your house. Everyone should take pics and post of their houses so we can see!

Caden and Mommy said...

Absolutely adorable! How fun for you to have a place to call home for a while!

Alex said...

very cute cute room!!

Melissa Swartley said...

Hi! I saw you found my blog through POLP on Facebook, so I figured I'd check out yours too! Cute room! He must be so excited to have his own special room now!

Kim said...

I LOVE IT! I don't think it is babyish at all! In fact Preston is in love with animals too! Zander and Hannah look so much a like-they have the same smile. I love seeing house pictures. Keep them coming!

Destini said...

Cool room Zander! Trace said "Hey, he got animals on wall", so he definitely approves! Don't feel bad, Trace's room is also our (really big) closet room, so he knows how Zander feels. Hopefully this summer we get the closet room turned into his bedroom for good!

Emily said...

Wow, what a great room! I am impressed with the decorating skills!

Mike said...

The animals are great, and if you want a dude's perspective, I think the vine is cool too! And trust me, when we eventually get a big house I'll be doing the same thing to you all! LOL

Greene Family said...

I love his room!! Simon has animals in his room too and he loves looking at all of the animals! How nice to be getting settled into your new home after so much moving back and forth!

Tonya said...

Catie, it's adorable! Zander is proud to be a big boy now!! Too cute!!