Monday, September 29, 2008

Random nothingness

This past weekend we had a girls weekend! My mom, my sister, my sister's friend from work, Tater and I went to Cleveland to stay with my brother's girlfriend B. (Wow, did you catch all of that?) We went wedding dress shopping!!! Tater was SOOOO excited to go to B's house and spend that night. She ended up staying up waaay past her bedtime and hanging out with the girls. We then woke up entirely too early and spent the majority of the day looking at dresses. I am proud to say that she did amazingly well for going on that little of sleep. In fact my sister through a bigger fit than the Tater did! We got home late Saturday night which leads me to being overwhelmed.

That is how I am feeling right now. My house is such a disaster right, like scary messy. Like so messy that I should not be on the computer right now, I should be digging through the mess. I'm not exactly sure how it happened, we left on Friday night and the house was pretty clean. We got home late Saturday night and by Sunday night the house was messy. It must have been the fact that I was so tired from all the shopping we did on Saturday that I did not feel like picking up after the kids. Now it is Monday night and I still have not picked up after them. So, yeah it is pretty messy and I am not motivated to get it straightened out...just overwhelmed by the mess.

We still What is wrong with us people? We have looked at a bazillion houses and still nothing. I am getting so desperate to find a house that I even let hubs go look at houses by himself on Sunday. Still nothing! You would think we were signing over our lives or something. Well I guess we basically are, but still. It is starting to get really stressful around here, and by really stressful I mean I am feeling the pressure and taking it out on hubs. We really need to find a house soon.


Destini said...

Your house sounds similar to mine - very scary messy - like don't tell anyone, but I spent over an hour putting away laundry this evening - and didn't touch the rest of the kid mess! I have a feeling a toy clean-out and donation is in my near future! Sorry you are having trouble finding a house, at least it is a buyers market right now.

Caden and Mommy said...

I hear ya on the house mess. I am always amazed at how messy the house gets when out of town. It's so easy to dump everything in the entryway after getting back home ... and then it seems to build all week until the following weekend when you have to spend ALL weekend cleaning up from the previous weekend and week - UGH!
Good Luck!