Sunday, September 14, 2008


My sister, who it seems is barely old enough to be out of diapers let alone old enough to get married, announced that she is engaged. Her and her boyfriend went on vacation this past week up to Canada and she called home Friday night with the good news. Here is a picture of her and her fiance, taken last weekend at my cousin's wedding:
She also wanted to talk to the Tater to see if she would want to be a flower girl. Of course Tay is very excited that Cara and Zach are getting married because this means that Zach is now a part of our family. However, Zach is her first crush. I don't think she realizes that this should be devastating news as she no longer has a chance to win Zach's heart. Last weekend at the wedding my brother's girlfriend wanted to take a picture of Tater with Zach, so she told Tater to sit with Zach. This is the picture from my angle:
Everybody at the table died laughing when Hannah put her hand up like that! It was soooo cute!
Anyway, congratulations Cara and Zach! We are so happy for you!


Destini said...

I'm sure that Hannah will make a lovely flower girl! Congratulations to Cara and Zach!

Caden and Mommy said...

I love your new background!
Caden was just asked to be a ringbearer today ... tis the season! Adorable pictures of Hannah - with her crush :0)

Tonya said...

Congrats!! Hannah will be a beautiful flower girl and he will always have her "first love"! My Hannah is in love with my brother in law!

Alex said...

OK...I LOOOOVE the new family portraits!!!

Kim said...

That picture of Hannah with her hand on Zach's face is too much. She is going to make such a beautiful flower girl!