Thursday, September 04, 2008

Leader of the Pack

It all started out innocent enough. You see, hubs has always wanted a motorcycle and I have always vetoed his right to have one. You would have to know my husband to understand that he has quite the wild and reckless side so a motorcycle and him just do not mix. Sometime in late winter he started looking at motorcycles on the internet, just pricing them and watching them on ebay. Then he started talking to me about getting one. We made a deal, he could get a motorcycle if I got Wii, Wiifit, a bike and trailer and a smart phone. I thought he would never go for such a thing...then slowly but surely my treasures started rolling in. First the bike and trailer, but that was just so we could be together as a family. Then when I graduated in May he bought me all the Wii stuff, for a graduation present. The one thing still left of my list was a smart phone. I thought I was safe.

We continued to discuss the motorcycle. Me telling him that he should wait until he had a job and we saw what our finances would be like. Him telling me how much gas he would save. Then June came and he got a job. Uh-oh now the pressure was on. I still told him to hold out...but have I mentioned how stubborn and compulsive my husband is? The day that we were leaving for vacation, the day that we would be stuck together in a car for 14+ hours he decides that would be a good day to buy a motorcycle WITHOUT telling his wife about it.

Seriously, I was so livid the man is lucky to be alive. How could ha make such a large purchase without my knowledge? Let's just say it was a looong ride! However, just look at how cute he looks:
It's hard to stay mad at him when he's so darn cute! Seriously though, I am happy that he has his toy. I'm glad that he has something that he has always wanted and that it makes him happy. However, do you think he could at least have enough sense to wear a helmet? Especially when traveling long distances? He's not invincible ya' know and I wish he would get that through his thick skull!


Katie said...

You are a much better wife then me! I wouldn't have waited for the motorcycle to hurt him...I would have done it myself! lol Boys and their toys...My husband always said he wanted a bike until we had Cole..thank God he changed his mind because he was not going to win that one. Your hubby better kiss the ground you walk on!!

Mike said...

While I cannot condone the purchasing of said bike without the wife's knowledge, mostly because I would get shot for doing so, let me say congrats on the purchase! As long as you're not incredibly stupid with it, and recognize that as long as you are riding it you are basically sitting on top of a giant belt sander, a motorcycle is one of the coolest modes of transportation by far! I will confess, I own three - an '86 GSX-R 750, an '84 Honda VT700, and an '06 Yamaha Warrior. The Warrior is the one I ride on a regular basis - I bought it primarily to help deal with my 70 mile daily commute to and from work. Of course, two months after buying the new bike instead of a new car, we found out we were pregnant with Caitlin and I wished I had done the opposite... Oh well! At least Cherylle loves the bike, which makes it easier - we've actually gone on a few long rides together, and she claims to want one of her own some day!

Kim said...

You are a great wife. They scare me so much. I hope he does wear the helmet though. That should be the compromise.
I agree Boys and their toys! Can't they just buy a pocketbook instead? LOL

Jennifer said...

Vrrooommm, vroom, vvvrrroooooooommmmm! Boys have such a fascination with wheels don't they!

Destini said...

My husband bought a motorcycle last fall and my dad just bought one a few weeks ago. I have actually even ridden on the said motorcycle twice - I decided that it's only fair, I want John to go on horse rides with me, I should occassionally go on motorcycle rides with him. It's not as scary as I thought it would be, although my behind was totally numb when we went on a 200 mile ride on Labor Day!

Caden and Mommy said...

UGH- I feel your pain on this one. Dan has/had always wanted a dirtbike. I told him after I got a ring ... so I got a ring ... then I told him after we got a house ... and we got a house. He found a great deal on one a couple of years ago and insisted on getting it. I told him we had too much debt ... It was seriously the biggest fight we had ever had ... he ended up getting the darn motorcycle!!! Thank goodness though he doesn't find that much time to ride it ... and helmets are a law in Washington state!

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