Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Yucky, yucky, snot, snot!

Little Zander woke up such a grouch today which is so not like him. Normally he is Mr. Smiley in the morning. All day long he would not let me put him down, he was whiny and would not nap. He was full of snot, his nose would not stop running, he was coughing and his eyes were all puffy and red. Eventually we resorted to a car ride just so the poor little guy could get some rest. I knew it was his ears, it is always his ears....but hmmm, we do not have insurance. So we have the big debate on if he should be seen or not if he should suffer. (Of course I am the one voting for him to go and hubby is voting for suffering) It was also a debate on whether or not we should pump him full of antibiotics every time he gets the "sniffles." We eventually went and guess what? The boy has a double ear infection.....AGAIN! Not only that but when the doc looked in his ear she said it was "wicked." I believe she said that a couple times. Then she said she wished there was a med student there to see it because it was so bad. The poor baby, it seems like he has only been healthy for a week. Of course the free antibiotic does not clear him up. Oh no, he needs the expensive shot, three days in a row! The doctor wants us to start thinking about tubes, but hmmmm...NO INSURANCE!!! Which is an entirely different post, so please don't get me started on that. For now I would just like everyone to pray that Zandey sleeps through the night. I really do not want to sleep in the chair tonight.

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